The female orgasm is not an oft broached subject of conversation, but it is important to know that not only does it make you feel marvelous; it is also marvelous for your health!

The fact is that the female orgasm is a way more complicated than the male orgasm, and is never a sure thing.

healthy woman

But what is also a fact is that orgasm is good for the health of a woman. This is how:

  • Oxytocin is produced during the female climax which may help with pain relief. Pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly because of orgasm, according to a study by author and sexologist Beverly Whipple.
  • Orgasm releases stress and lowers blood pressure so it is good for the heart and cardiovascular health. It can therefore even protect against strokes.
  • Perhaps it is not just the orgasm itself, but also the intimacy and the closeness and physical communion that causes women to feel good about themselves and makes them feel younger. It is also a way to keep vaginal atrophy at bay.
  • The orgasm can rejuvenate the body and even help to heal wounds. It is the release of oxytocin that is seen to be connected with healing diabetic sores etc.

Source: HealthNewsDigest