A woman will sometimes have problems with sexual functioning. Several factors will cause sexual dysfunction.

If you are having this problem, do not feel alone. Many women have the same problem of sexual dysfunction, as you do.

Since you are not alone in the bedroom, you should talk to your mate about what you are feeling, when it comes to having sex.

Talking to them will help you to become closer, and it may even help you to figure out what might be causing female sexual dysfunction. They may have some solutions that they can suggest for you to try.sexual dysfunction


If your physician has prescribed a new medication, and you have started to have sexual dysfunction then your medication may be the problem. Many types of medications will interfere with a women’s sexual health.

Some of these medications are antidepressants, antihistamines, barbiturates, and hormonal medications. You will find that sometimes your sexual dysfunction is not always a health problem but a medication is one.

Gynecologic Changes

Sometimes your body will be going through changes that you have no control over, and these changes will affect your sexual ability. If you are a woman that is pregnant, you may be experiencing times when you just do not feel like having sex.

Your back may be hurting, you are feeling uncomfortable because your stomach is so large, and your feet are swelling. Engaging in sexual activity is the last thing on your mind. Another time in your life when your hormones and body are changing is when you are going through menopause.

During menopause, your emotions will be going wild and you may be suffering from those dreaded night sweats. All you want to do is get a good night’s rest, and these things are probably interrupting your sexual desire.


There are times when you may feel like you cannot get aroused. You may want to change your sexual routine and see if this helps. Having sex in different places in your home, and in different positions, may help.

Ask your partner to increase the amount of foreplay that you have. Stop thinking about all the problems that happened during your day, and let yourself enjoy the experience.

If these things do not help, then you may want to consider a natural supplement that will help to get you aroused.

Many sexual supplements, that you can purchase, are available at any pharmacy, online, in catalogs, and at your local health and vitamin store.

Pain during Sex

Painful sex or dyspareunia is usually easy to solve, unless it is due to a health problem. Sometimes a woman will get dry during sex because of nervousness, or lack of foreplay.

The simple solutions for lack of lubrication are to increase your foreplay time, or purchase a natural lubricant, that will help you to be less dry during sex.

Another reason for pain during sex can be vulvitis. Vulvitis is inflammation to the opening of your vagina. To take care of this pain you may need to stop taking bubble baths, or using vaginal creams that contain chemicals.

There is usually a remedy for sexual dysfunction, but if your dysfunction continues, and nothing that you do seems to help, then you will need to contact your physician.


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