Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) or Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS) was earlier called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is a disorder of the human body which gives persistent, spontaneous and uncontrollable genital arousals which is not related to any sexual desire.

In this disorder, genital engorgement is witnessed with or without orgasm and this disorder is now listed as a distinct syndrome in medical literature. Some also consider it to be priapism in men. It is sometimes referred as nymphomania in women and satyriasis in men. Go through the article to find more about Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.

persistent genital arousal disorder

Symptoms of PGAD

The disorder causes engorgement and arousal of the genitals without having any aroused sexual desires. The syndrome can persist for long periods, say days or weeks at a stretch. Sometimes orgasm provides relief for a short period, but soon the symptom returns back. The return of the symptoms is sudden and quite unpredictable. Failure of any relief from the symptoms results in ejaculations in men and orgasms in women. The symptoms can prevent you in concentrating on mundane tasks.

Causes of PGAD

It is very difficult to pinpoint a proper cause of PGAD. Experts are of the opinion that some kind of disorder of the sensory nerves can be the prime cause of the PGAD. The disorder has shown the tendency to strike those who have undergone hormonal treatment and post-menopausal women. The patients of PGAD also report of depression, panic attacks and anxiety because of frustration, distress and guilt feeling.

Doctors have found that sufferers of PGAD also had some or the other illness related to stress, but PGAD is not completely related to the mind. People have reported hormone replacement therapies, some surgical procedures and constant pressure on their genitals such as cycling etc to be the reason of PGAD.

Treatment of PGAD

Although many treatments have been discussed, none provide a very permanent and long lasting relief. Self management is said to be the most sensible approach. Use of anesthetizing agents to numb the area and relaxing the pelvic floor musculature are said to have some soothing effect. Stretching exercises and pelvic massage reduce the pelvic floor tension up to certain level and help.

Medications such as mood stabilizers are helpful in releasing the genital tension. Counseling from relationship counselors also help in easing the disorder. People with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder experience relief when they realize that there are other people too with similar disorders and they are not alone. They feel good when they come to know that it is a disorder which strikes many.

Consequences of PGAD

The experience of intense orgasm which comes up during the disorder is very disturbing. This persists for a long time period. Although there is arousal of the genitals, but there is no sexual desire related to it. The arousals come up unpredicted, so are very disturbing. PGAD also curtails concentration on daily mundane activities of life.

Thus PGAD is a disorder which strikes many and is quite depressing and disturbing. Counseling, mild pelvic floor muscle massage, exercises and local treatment anesthetically are a few temporary remedies for the disorder.