As stress and hectic modern lifestyles take their toll on a woman’s overall quality of life, including her sex life, many turn to female sexual enhancement products and procedures to try and boost flagging libido or renew interest in sex.

Female Sexual Enhancement Products on the Market

They go by various names: Female Orgasm Intensifier, Female Viagra, Sexual enhancer for women, Tablets and Capsules for improving Sexual health, and they promise all sorts of things: increased sex drive or libido, enhanced sensation and pleasure, more intense orgasms and so on.

There are pills, capsules, drinks, gels, creams and lotions on the market that promise this and more.

Female Sexual EnhancementThere are even products that promise to boost testosterone not only to help increase libido but also build lean muscle mass, increase energy and improve clarity of thought.

So there are certainly a lot of products out there that claim to offer female sexual enhancement in a number of different ways. Their efficacy seems to be variable, with some claiming to find benefit and other users dismissing them as useless.

You only have to read the many user reviews on Amazon to get either extreme view as well as those in between.

Regardless of the efficacy of any of these products and whether they do what they promise to do, the issue of safety is another doubtful one.

Before using any female sexual enhancement product, whether female Viagra, or some hormone replacement or anything else do your research about the ingredients used in the product, and be sure to clear them with your doctor prior to taking them.

You may be on some medication or may have a physical condition that precludes use of some of these products so it pays to be really careful about using them.

Female Sexual Enhancement Procedures and Cosmetic Surgeries

Probably one of the most commonly preferred procedures to help boost female self esteem and sexual confidence is breast augmentation surgery. Many women report to increased self confidence and enhanced sexual experiences after getting breast implants, breast lifts or similar procedures. Tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures for the abdomen may also have similar results.

Apart from these, there are many other procedures that work on the female genetalia to boost a woman’s body image, self confidence, increased sensation and feeling etc.

For instance many women find that after childbirth, there is a certain looseness or laxness of the vaginal muscles that detracts from sexual pleasure for a couple. A posterior repair procedure or vaginoplasty can help tighten the vagina to resolve this problem.

Sometimes there could be insensitivity in the clitoral region because of thickened skin growing over it. A procedure called “unhooding” of the clitoris can help restore or increased sensation and more intense orgasms, it is claimed.

Procedures called labiaplasty can help improve the appearance of the outer genetalia or the labia (outer or inner lips) by using surgical reduction, liposuction and so on. In addition female sexual enhancement procedures such as the reduction of the mons pubis (to treat the condition where a woman looks like a man when she wears pants) are also meant to help a woman self confidence or sexual reluctance, and flagging libido.