There could be many an occasion in a woman’s life, when she may consider the use of a female libido enhancer. She could be experiencing a reduced interest in sex due to work pressures, medical conditions such as diabetes or depression, or it could be natural processes such as menopause that may be responsible for her to consider female libido enhancer options.

It could be a decreased interest in sex, fear of painful sex, difficulty reaching orgasm, or just feeling tired and exhausted all the time that can alter the sexual patterns of a woman’s life, making her look for female libido enhancer solutions.

female libido enhancerSo what are the female libido enhancer options available to women today? Men have long had Viagra to fall back on, but what about women, how do women prop up a flagging female libido?

Topical female libido enhancer creams

Some women find that sex can be painful due to vaginal dryness and this results in a flagging libido and lowered interest in sex.

Certain topical creams that are required to be applied to the vaginal area are thought to enhance blood flow to the area to enhance sexual response.

These creams also increase lubrication and reduce vaginal dryness. Water based pH balanced female libido enhancer creams are best since they are gentler and do not disrupt the normal balance in the vaginal area.

Female libido enhancer pills

Like Viagra is for men, there are libido enhancing pills developed for women as well. Many claim to be able to enhance the female sex drive without side effects, by increasing the amount of blood that flows to the genitals, improving lubrications and improving sensations and thereby desire.

Many also claim to help relax the vaginal muscles that can contract due to stress and apprehension, making sex difficult and painful for women. Products such as HerSolution and Provestra have been touted to be the female Viagra.

Many of these products claim to be able to help a woman get aroused quicker, with less effort and also help her reach orgasms more quickly, also enhancing the intensity and number or duration of the orgasm. The idea is that if you have better sex you want to have more of it and this solves the so called bedroom issue. This is where the female libido enhancer helps.

Female libido enhancers in the form of hormonal patches, pills and gels

Lowered production of the female hormone estrogen in the body can cause vaginal dryness, and a decreased sex drive, as in the case of menopausal women. Estrogen therapy is aimed at combating these symptoms by helping with lubrication and enhancing sexual interest.

However the benefits of this sort of therapy are disputed; the contention being that the side effects and possible harm caused by this outweighs any possible benefits.

Therapy involving the male hormone testosterone is also suggested as a female libido enhancer in some cases, to the end that this can enhance sexual desire particularly for those women who have undergone surgical removal of the uterus or the ovaries. Again however, the benefits are often seen as being non-commensurate with the possible side effects.