In an alarming conclusion to a recent study performed in Kingston University in London, it seems that many young women are replacing contraception with the use of the morning after pill.

Despite guarantees that it would only ever be available on prescription, the drug is now for sale on the internet and over the counter at many pharmacies in the UK.

The spokesperson from the Family and Youth Concern, Norman Wells is worried how it encourages young women to be more promiscuous.morning after pill

Of the fifty students questioned, almost a half used the morning after pill and seven in every ten did not have any other form of contraception. Well’s campaign group are concerned because the risks from casual sex is not just about potential pregnancies but also STDs and obviously the HIV virus.

It was the student newspaper, The River,which carried out the poll, which showed that one third took the risk of not using a condom when having sexual intercourse with a new partner. Furthermore one fifth had multiple sexual partners over a period of a week.

Marketing of the morning after pill is not helping, adverts now being shown on national television. It is likely that similar data would be found throughout the country for this age group, which was in the early twenties and those in their late teens.

A spokesperson for the Marie Stopes family clinic chain, believes there is still a place for this type of emergency contraception.

However Emily James of the international organization is quick to remind youngsters that it is not as reliable as other methods. The continued use of a condom is still a message that is important especially for this age group.