Uterus is the main reproductive organ in females which will mainly help in the development of fetus and also helps the fetus to grow normally.

It is usually present in a straight vertical position inside your pelvis.

However, some females can unfortunately have a uterus that usually tilts backwards, positioning towards spine.

This abnormal positioning of uterus is normally termed as tilted or retroverted uterus.

If you are confirmed with this condition of retroverted uterus then don’t get depressed that you are the only one with this condition.

This unusual condition of retroverted uterus considerably affects more than 20% of all women.retroverted uterus

Sexual illness associated with retroverted uterus!

Retroverted uterus doesn’t cause any severe health problem. But in some women, this particular condition of tilted uterus can make them to experience certain disturbing manifestations, including painful sex. At times, retroverted uterus can also make you experience certain abnormal pain during your periods.

In women with retroverted uterus, certain essential reproductive organs like ovaries and fallopian tubes are typically tilted backwards. Due to this abnormal positioning, all these pelvic structures in your body can be stressed by the head of penis and as a result you can experience pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).

This condition is mainly referred as collision dyspareunia, which can probably cause injury to the structures surrounding the uterus.

Effect of retroverted uterus on your pregnancy!

For most of the women, retroverted uterus doesn’t cause any severe complications in their pregnancy. After your first trimester, because of the expansion of the uterus, it gets lifted out of the pelvis and results in the forward tipped position. In very rare cases, the growing uterus is typically snagged on your pelvic bone. This condition is generally termed as incarcerated uterus.

An incarcerated uterus can normally cause second trimester miscarriage (miscarriage signs)or even other pregnancy complications. But, always remember, these are very rare conditions and are extremely uncommon. So, don’t get anxious about these conditions.

If at all you suspect that you have retroverted uterus, then try to discuss with your personal doctor. This abnormal positioning of uterus can easily identified with a simple pelvic exam. Even, it is not necessary for you to have any treatment for this condition of retroverted uterus, provided it doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort for you.

It is also believed that even if you are born with retroverted uterus, more often after experiencing pregnancy, there is chance for your uterus to get back to its actual position. So, always try to develop positive attitude towards your condition of retroverted uterus and never try to bother about it.


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