The post here discusses about the difference between first time pregnant women and those who were doing it the second or third time. The writer makes some interesting points:

  • The second time around you know that there is really very little about your pregnancy that you can control. The baby will come when it has to; there is little anyone can do to delay it or hurry it along. Its timetable is its own and all the best laid birth plans may come to naught in the end. Between the doctor and the baby’s, the mother’s opinion counts for little. If there is something wrong, there is little that could have been done to prevent it.pregnancy
  • Also the first time moms tend to be all about anticipation little realizing that the actual work will begin when the baby arrives. A baby inside the womb is a lot easier to deal with than after he or she has made their grand appearance, is something that many experienced mothers will tell you.
  • First time mothers may be all too eager to get into those cute maternity clothes. Advice: take it easy; by month nine you are likely to get sick of the very sight of them!

Source: deseretnews