Many health conditions, like pregnancy, actually put lot of stress on your pelvic organs and gradually your pelvic floor muscles becomes weak.

As a result, your pelvic organs descend and bulge into your vagina and leads to pelvic organ prolapse. That’s why many doctors and health experts strongly recommend Kegel exercises for women.

Kegel exercises are very crucial in maintaining better reproductive health and mainly strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If you regularly practice Kegel exercises, you can successfully prevent various health problems such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and many more.

Do you know how to perform kegel exercises? Tips to perform kegel exercises!

Once if you know how to perform kegel exercises, you don’t need more than 10 minutes per every session.

Try to learn kegel exercises and include them in your regular routine to maintain better pelvic health.  Here are few tips for you to perform kegel exercises.

Locate your pelvic muscles!

Before you start performing these particular exercises, it is very essential for you to locate right pelvic muscles.

Many people being performing kegel exercises actually squeeze wrong muscles. As a result, you may not get desired result. Try to locate right pelvic muscles and how it feels.

Start slow and know your baseline!

The basic kegel exercise can be done at anytime and anywhere. In performing basic kegel exercise, just try to squeeze your pelvic muscles as hard as you can and hold them for 3-5 seconds.

Gradually release them and relax for 5 seconds. After releasing your pelvic muscles, observe how your muscles feel. Don’t try to perform quickly to get desired results.

Repeat them in sets!

If you want to make your kegel exercises much effective for you and to have good impact on your reproductive health, practice sets of repetitions. If you can, start your practice with 5 repetitions and gradually increase the set of repetitions up to 10.

Don’t overdo kegel exercises!

As we all know any thing in excess is dangerous, particularly exercises. Always remember, any exercise should build up slowly and you should pay attention to your body.

Similarly, you should start kegel exercises slowly. If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort or pain, it implies that you are trying to push yourself too hard. So, try to avoid this and resolve your problems easily.

Finally, kegel exercises are very useful for women to prevent various health problems related to pelvic organs.

Try to know more about kegel exercises from your personal doctor or any experienced fitness trainer. Clarify your doubts and practice them regularly.