Oral contraceptives are also known popularly as ‘the Pill.’

These are effective reversible birth control method for women to prevent unwanted risks of pregnancy.

It usually contains two synthetic female hormones – estrogen and progesterone.

The aim of oral contraceptives is to prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg for fertilization (ovulation). Without an ovulation, you cannot become pregnant.

It provides 99.7% effective results when taken regularly in right dosage.

However, to have full safety, it is better to use a second form of contraception that can be used in the first seven days of the first cycle.Oral Contraceptives

Simultaneously, you must also remember that oral contraceptives cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Different brands and types of oral contraceptives are available, which usually comes in packs of twenty-one or twenty-eight pills. The types are combined pills, emergency contraceptive pills, mini pill, and phased regimen pill.

These oral contraceptives should be taken one for each day. They provide immediate results when taken immediately the day after your menstrual periods or an abortion.

It is highly recommended to consult a doctor before you start taking the oral contraceptives.

Also, ask for an appropriate oral contraceptive pill if you have health problems such as fibrous growths of the uterus, heart or kidney problem, depression, diabetes, thyroid disease, migraine headaches, or epilepsy.

Remember that while using the 21-pill pack, it is necessary for you have a gap of 7 days before starting a new pack.

The best among the benefits of oral contraceptives is that it significantly outweighs any risks for you.

Benefits of taking regular oral contraceptives are that they help in reducing the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease, anemia, ovarian cysts, rheumatoid arthritis, and ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

Also, you will have a lighter and shorter monthly periods as well as reduced menstrual cramping. Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk of uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

At the same time, remember that the chances of pregnancy will not decrease with the discontinuation of oral contraceptives.

With the usage of oral contraceptives, there will be no side effects, but sometimes you may experience certain health problems such as vision disturbance, blurred vision, flashing lights, severe headache, unusual leg or thigh pain, severe chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing up blood, or abdominal pain.

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor, if you find any of the following symptoms, after taking the pills.

Also, it is recommended seriously to avoid oral contraceptives if you have problem of blood clotting anywhere in your body, cancer of the breast or uterus, or liver disease.

In these cases, if you use the pills then you may notice that either the pills will lose their effectiveness, or makes your health problems even worse.

If you have no specific healthy problem as mentioned above, then the oral contraceptives will provide very effective results. Still, there may be some side effects that can be annoying but disappears within the first three to four cycles.

Still, if you have any queries regarding oral contraceptives, do not hesitate to ask your doctor.


  1. i had sex with my lover before 65days but till today no periods .i am in shock i am haveing vomit sensation.what is the way to stop if i am preganent pls help me i am struggling please reply thank you

  2. The best thing you need to do is to visit a doctor. Since u have cross 2 months of time from your last menstrual cycle ( to calculate days, u must find out how many days have passed since your last menstruation), If u take self medication, abortion pills wont be 100% safe. You can visit a doctor, preferably in a hospital and not doctors in clinic,and get things done as you need . If the doctors confirms you to be pregnant its wise that u never exceed 3 months time to get aborted.

  3. hi
    i m 25yr old. i got married 2 months back. i always had regular menstrual cycle but eventually this tim i started it in 15 days. its not as regular flow but more like spotting and with no pain but i can experiance breast tenderness same as what i have b4 my periods. i m really tensed abt wats happenin. is it serious?

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