The cervix is the lower part of the uterus, which is approximately cylindrical in shape. It is usually 2-3 centimeters long and the lower part of it lumps on into the top of the vagina.

An essential organ of the reproductive system, if the cervix is constricted it might bring hindrance while intercourse and also the normal delivery of a baby.

During pregnancy, the narrow opening of the cervix get closed to protect the fetus in the uterus until birth, but the most significant utility of cervix occurs during labor pain when it widens to allow the channel of the fetus from the uterus to the vagina and is described as effacing which is the final stage of pregnancy.

natural ways to dilate cervix naturally

The cervix can be widened naturally with some simple steps for normal labor and also to make intercourse a pain-free experience.

1. Brisk Walking can boost your baby to get situated and budges its head down into your pelvis. This naturally dilates the cervix and additionally, it will also release your anxiety or tension for the upcoming labor.

2. Nowadays maternity acupressure has emerged as a potential massage based technique to dilate your cervix naturally which will help you to get ready for your labor process. Maternity acupressure works as you will kick your leg if doctor hits on your knee. Though this procedure shows an effect after few months, these massages will stimulate your body without any medications and thus no side effects.

3. Intimating with your partner can widen the cervix naturally. Many doctors suggest not trying this process of dilation of cervix for those patients who get anxious and frustrated while pregnancy as sex is always not safe during this tenure. Prostaglandins, released in this method help cervix to ripen. It has to be remembered that you should not attempt this method if you have lost your mucus plug which protects the cervix from infectious agents.

4. Another herbal way of inclusion of prostaglandin to your body is Evening Primrose Oil. This oil can be taken through the mouth in the form of the capsule or can be rubbed directly on the Eroded cervix during the final stages of pregnancy or can be positioned within the vagina before bedtime. Women having placenta pervia problem or vagina infection should not crack this method.

5. Certain sitting or standing position can help your baby to go down through birth canal. Sitting on an exercise ball will also encourage the natural dilation of your cervix. With the help of your knee, you can try to get on your hand to shift forward your baby’s weight.

6. Nipple stimulation helps to release a hormone called oxytocin through pumping machine which can cause labor to begin and dilate the cervix automatically.

7. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint or clary sage can be rubbed on your pressure point or you can inhale these oils to persuade labor and dilate cervix.

8. You can intake herbs like raspberry, cohosh combining with tea which will also encourage dilation of cervix.

With the above given tips you can be benefited at the final stage of your pregnancy by widening your cervix and it also helps you if you are having difficulty while intercourse due to constricted cervix canal.

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