A lot of women are sexually active but they don’t want to have babies yet. Although the hormonal birth control options are a safe choice, they might be looking for natural contraception methods for women. These are just as reliable as the hormonal birth pills and they don’t have any side effects.

Calendar rhythm method

Exploring-Natural-Contraception-Methods-for-WomenThe main point of the method is to find out when you are ovulating so you can avoid having intercourse in the fertile window. You have to keep track of your menstrual cycles for a year. Subtract 12 days from your shortest cycle and 11 days from your longest cycle to find your fertile window.

Basal body temperature

In case of this method of women’s natural contraception, you should know that the body temperature of women drops 12-24 hours before the egg is released. After the release of the egg the temperature rises again and it remains elevated until the next menstrual period.

Mucus inspection

When looking for natural contraception methods for women you have to listen to your body. Before the ovaries release the egg, a more watery and slippery vaginal discharge is produced that would make it easier for sperm to reach the cervix.

Symptothermal method

In case of this women’s natural contraception method several aspects of the previously mentioned methods are combined. It also takes into consideration other symptoms, such as light cramping and spotting along with breast tenderness that some of the women experience.


If you are looking for more reliable natural contraception methods for women you should use ovulation kits. They measure the hormone levels of the body that change before the egg is released. If you know when you ovulate, you will know when to abstain from having sex or when to use another contraception method.

Withdrawal method

Another one of the contraception methods for women that are natural is the withdrawal method. This means that the man withdraws his penis from the vagina of the woman before ejaculating. Although in theory it might work, you should know that there could be sperm in precum as well that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to natural contraception methods for women. You just have to choose one (or more) that you and your partner are comfortable with and that offers you the safety that you need.