Delayed periods or late menstruation cycle can cause a lot of stress and worries. Women, who are aware of the fact that they are not pregnant also, feel anxiety of delayed periods. Periods are generally, skipped or get delayed, when a woman is pregnant. However, there are a large number of reasons that can cause postponement in the menstruation cycle.

My period is late—what should I do

The most common of them are stress and weight. Some of the medicines like the anti-depressant and birth control can also result in late periods. However, regularity in delayed periods can be due to disruption in hormonal balance in the body. But in case of first delay of the periods, one can follow the following actions:-

1. Consuming vitamin C

Vitamin C can be easily availed from stores. The purest form of it can work like a magic spell in bringing your periods. Vitamin C helps in starving the uterus of progesterone. In simple words this helps in breaking down the protective wall of uterus for bringing menstruation.

2. Prefer hot baths

Treating your body with a lot of quiet time and hot baths can also prove beneficial for bringing the menstruation cycle. In addition to that hot baths also helps in improvement of the circulation of the blood in the body.

3. Shoo away the stress

It has been commonly noticed that females that remain under the influence of stress and worries faces deferred menstruation cycle. Relaxing and getting engaged in recreational activities in normalizing the stress hormone and bringing the periods on time.

4. Herbal Aid

Many types of herbs are available in the nature that results in upcoming of the menstruation cycle. One of such herb is the Parsley tea is considered as the most effective form of herb that leads to period on time. Another well known herb that plays a similar role is the pennyroyal; it is too effective in inducing periods.

5. Medicinal aid

If the above suggested ways seems unaffected, one can consult her doctor for a medicinal aid. There are various types of drugs that can help in bringing the period. These medicines release such useful hormones in the body that breaks the uterus wall and causes menstruation cycle.

6. Extraction

As the name suggests, extraction is an advance and surgical form of procedure in which the periods are extracted. In this method an instrument is placed in the vagina and this instrument sucks the uterus lining. In this way the material which is obstructing the path of the menstruation cycle is removed.