Miscarriage is a devastating thing for any couple. Recovering from a miscarriage makes you feel depressed, hopeless and angry.

However, it is very common for a woman to want to conceive immediately after a miscarriage [Pregnancy after miscarriage].

Conceiving after a miscarriage brings out a lot of emotions, develops fear of another miscarriage, as well as the anxiety of not conceiving after miscarriage for the first few trials.

Conceiving after miscarriage provokes various questions like:

  • How much longer should I bleed after a miscarriage?
  • How do I prevent a miscarriage after conceiving again?
  • When should I attempt to conceive after miscarriage?conceiving

Bleeding after miscarriage: Most people are not sure about the period for bleeding after miscarriage. Usually, bleeding lasts for 4-5 days to two weeks. Experiencing a miscarriage during the third trimester can cause bleeding for six weeks. During this period, don’t put anything in your vagina.

Prevent the fear of another miscarriage: It is natural for a woman to fear having another miscarriage. Be honest with your partner and loved ones because no-one is equipped to understand the feeling of this fear.

Period to conceive after a miscarriage: Most women want to attempt pregnancy immediately after miscarriage. Conceiving after miscarriage depends entirely on how you cope with your miscarriage. If you feel that you are ready to attempt, then don’t hesitate to try.

Conceiving after miscarriage tips:

  • Allow your body to heal and cope with the loss you had.
  • If you have no desire for sex, communicate with your partner and make him understand the situation.
  • Give yourself time to cope with the loss and organize your mind and body to try pregnancy again. It is advisable to wait until you have at least one normal menstruation cycle.
  • Don’t plan immediately after a miscarriage.
  • Have sex between 10-18 days of your cycle.


  1. i had a miscarriage in the sixth month,i feel so bad when i see babies and pregnant mothers.i want to have a baby soon

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