Just as any other kind of miscarriage, a missed miscarriage is also devastating for any woman. Since the missed miscarriage symptoms are quite ambiguous, there are a lot of women who don’t even know that their pregnancy has ended. Even more, in some cases these symptoms are mistaken for the symptoms of pregnancy.

What is a missed miscarriage?

Before talking about the symptoms of missed miscarriage, we should first define the problem. This is a miscarriage during which the body doesn’t expel all the tissue connected to pregnancy, like the placenta and the fetus, for a longer period of time, even if the fetus is dead.


This is why a lot of women don’t recognize the symptoms of missed miscarriage and they still believe that they are pregnant. The problem is known as silent pregnancy and missed abortion.

The majority of the abortions happen during the first trimester. If it happens later, it is known as late missed miscarriage.

Missed miscarriage symptoms and signs

There are some typical symptoms of the problem, such as the lack of pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, fatigue or breast tenderness, the lack of heart tones shown on the ultrasound or some vaginal discharge that at the beginning is brown and later turns red.

Nonetheless you should know that the symptoms of missed miscarriage can be confusing sometimes. In some of the cases even though a women suffered a missed miscarriage, she has some symptoms typical for pregnancy, like nausea and fatigue.

These missed miscarriage symptoms are caused by the fetal placenta that is still in the uterus and that is releasing the pregnancy hormones. Also because of this women could still have a positive result on the pregnancy test.

The discharge doesn’t appear right after the miscarriage, so it is misleading regarding the moment of the miscarriage.

What causes missed miscarriage?

The cause of the symptoms of missed miscarriage isn’t known at the moment, but about half of them happen because of a genetic disorder of the sperm or the egg.

There are some other factors as well that could increase the chances of experiencing the problem, such as immune system problems and infections.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when thinking about missed miscarriage symptoms is that the changes increase with age. This is because with time the quality of the egg deteriorates. According to statistical data, about 1% of the pregnancies are ended by miscarriage.

Diagnosis of the symptoms of missed miscarriage

The most reliable way to know whether the pregnancy ended is to have an ultrasound. In case there is no heartbeat found, the chances of being faced with a miscarriage are very high.


If it is known that the missed miscarriage symptoms are present because a miscarriage truly happened, most probably the doctor will suggest surgery to clear the uterus of the remaining tissue. This is usually done soon after the diagnosis to make sure that the patient doesn’t face the risks of infection because of the pregnancy tissue.