Researchers in the United Kingdom have found a link between the likelihood of a woman miscarrying a pregnancy and the heart health of her parents – parent’s heart disease is connected to miscarriage risk for the daughter, it was seen.

miscarriageResearchers made it clear that this study will not be able to help women prevent miscarriages, however it can help to better understand the factors that genes pass on from one to another generation.

The study found that women, who had had two miscarriages before sustaining a successful pregnancy, were seen to have twice the likelihood of having parents with heart problems.  According to Dr. Gordon Smith of Cambridge University and his colleagues, the likelihood or risk was seen to be even higher among those women who had had three or more miscarriages before actually giving birth to a baby.

The possible reason suggested for this is that there is a lot of pressure on the blood system of the mother in early pregnancy to ensure that the pregnancy continues and heart issues, whether detected or undetected, could affect this process.

An earlier study that involved almost 130,000 women from Scotland, had also found another link between heart disease and miscarriages of pregnancies. The study had arrived at the finding that women who underwent multiple or frequent miscarriages, were themselves more likely to have heart problems as they aged.