Is there any link between progesterone and miscarriages? Many scientists believe that progesterone plays a vital role in miscarriage and also in pregnancy.

Progesterone is most important hormone of pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

Level of progesterone rises every month and prepares your uterine lining for pregnancy.

As progesterone is linked with pregnancy and miscarriage, some doctors believe that low levels of progesterone during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.

Is it really true?

Even though low levels of progesterone can lead to miscarriage, but it is not progesterone that is entirely responsible for miscarriage.

Unfortunately, many women believe that low level of progesterone is main cause behind their miscarriage and undergo treatments for low levels of progesterone. As a result, they are experiencing recurrent miscarriage.

So, it is very important for you to realize that low progesterone levels are not the only reason for miscarriage. There are many other factors including low progesterone level that causes miscarriage.

What are those other factors?

Most miscarriages take place due to abnormal development of fetus. Even the genes or chromosomes of the fetus play a vital role in miscarriage.

However, in very few cases, diabetes, thyroid and uterus problems and even hormonal imbalances like low estrogen level in mothers are responsible for miscarriage. So, be aware of all these conditions and avoid recurrent miscarriage.