All women are affected by it, so some of them may ask what is menstruation. It is also known as period and it is the time when the endometrium or the lining of the uterus sheds.

All women and some of the female animals have regular periods during their reproductive period.

Menstruation information

Menstruation usually appears in the form of blood in case of humans and other animals that are closely related to them, like primates.

During this time, there is blood and tissue released from the uterus that passes through the vagina. On average women have menstrual cycles of 28 days. Still it is also normal to have periods of 25 or 35 days too.



If you are interested in menstruation information you should know that the word ‘menses’ originates in the Latin language and it means months. At the beginning, this was the term to describe something that appears on a monthly basis. Some specialists say that menstruation is a window to the general health of women.

When do women start having periods?

The women interested in what is menstruation should also know when it all begins. From a scientific point of view, the bleeding starts when all the reproductive organs of a girl are mature. This means that there is no exact age. In some cases, it starts at the age of 8 while in other cases it starts at the age of 16.

According to the menstruation information there were two main studies conducted in this field.

These showed that there are two genes that are mainly responsible for the time when girls have their periods.

As you may have thought this is a major milestone in the development of girls. It is considered to be the first sign that a girl is becoming a woman.

In case you would like to know what is menstruation you should also know that about half a year before the girls have their first period they usually start having more vaginal discharge. If this doesn’t have a foul smell or there is no itching, it is something normal and girls shouldn’t be worried about it.

The menstrual information also reveals that after a while the periods become regular and they stay that way until the woman reaches menopause. This is usually reached between ages 45 and 55. The researches show that overweight toddlers usually reach puberty faster than other girls.

You should know that some of the girls are happy and joyful about it. On the other hand it is also possible to feel uneasy or scared. In the majority of the cases girls are anxious or scared if they don’t understand the way that the reproductive system works.

It is important for girls to have the most menstruation information possible so that they will go through the changes easier. It is up to the adults to provide them with all this information.

Now you know what is menstruation and what to expect from it