It is termed as Oligomenorrhea, a condition where a woman experiences irregular, infrequent of very light periods; meaning that a woman has a cycle longer than 35 days and has only 4 to 9 periods in a year. A woman may have had regular periods in the past, so what causes irregular periods to occur at a later stage?

What causes irregular periods in teens?

It is quite common for teenagers to have irregular periods or periods with a longer than usual cycle to begin with. The first couple of years after the first period, the hormones take time to stabilize and for their secretion to be regulated.

At this time the ovaries may not be regular in producing an egg each month and this results in longer cycles or irregular periods. While some teenage girls could have their periods as much as three months apart, yet others may have them as little as two weeks apart.what causes irregular periods

As long as the monthly cycle stabilizes over time and becomes regular and predictable there may not may not be any cause for concern or need to obtain medical treatment.

However persistent irregularity means that one should investigate what is causing irregular periods.

Irregular menstruation has been linked to heart disease and diabetes as well as a number of gynecological problems that should receive treatment.

What causes irregular periods after marriage?

Marriage is a significant occurrence in any woman’s life that could cause major changes, emotional upheavals and even hormonal changes, all of which can lead to some irregularity of periods. After marriage, starting birth control or certain types cause irregularity or having regular unprotected intercourse could mean that a woman is pregnant, which may be among the most common reasons for a woman to stop menstruation after marriage.

What causes irregular periods after delivery?

Childbirth is a life altering experience in more ways than one, and it also irrevocably changes a woman’s body as well. Pregnancy and childbirth are times of huge hormonal changes and irregular periods after delivery are common.

Many women do not get their period while breast feeding (though many continue to get them as normal); one of nature’s natural birth control methods to give a woman the chance to recuperate from the rigors of childbirth and to give the new born a chance to flourish and get all the attention of the mother.

What causes irregular periods in other circumstances?

Life changing events such as the end of a relationship, bereavement, moving home, changing jobs and even work and home pressures can cause the sort of stress that can lead to irregular periods. These should resolve with time.

Eating disorders can also cause irregular periods – for instance the severe caloric restriction in anorexia or the binge-purge behavior and excessive exercise could lead to nutritional imbalances and even malnutrition that can cause period problems. Professional athletes and others with very little body fat percentage may also have irregular periods.

Apart from the above reasons there are a number of health issues such as fibroids, infertility or sub-fertility, endometriosis, and many others which are what causes irregular periods; which are important to identify and treat.