Having one’s period may be a daunting event for many ladies. Because of the many events that occur before and during one’s menses, some would even want to postpone or stop their period momentarily. In one’s mind, it may be confusing thinking on the ways on how to stop your period for just a few days during important events.

How to Stop Your PeriodSome ladies may dread having their menses during working days or when enjoying a summer outing with friends.

Some ladies may experience pre-menstrual syndrome which occurs days before the menses.

In addition, they include a lot of disturbing symptoms which may include bloating, severe migraines associated with the surging of hormones and many others.

Indeed, the inconvenience of having one’s period during important and hectic days places more demand and stress.

Attending a big gathering would be burdensome while having one’s period. Some would even search more ways on how to stop your period momentarily. One of the things that actually disrupt the normal flow of hormones is stress.

That’s right. It stops the period naturally. However, intentionally stressing one’s self out is like a masochistic approach. Stress actually releases Cortisol. Consequently, Cortisol has a direct impact on the sex hormones progesterone and estrogen.

For this reason, during stressful periods, a woman’s menses may halt temporarily. It may be a confusing ordeal to think about this. But that’s just the way our body works and stress has a great impact on how our body performs.

In addition to ways on how to stop your period naturally, it has been observed when one is taking a cold shower, the bleeding usually stops. This may be due to the vasoconstriction that happens.

However, after several minutes or hours, it naturally comes back. For this reason, some believe that a cold shower should be taken when one is about to plunge into a pool or enjoy great fun with friends on the beach.

This actually allows one to enjoy a brief moment without menses.  However, the effect is fast and is unpredictable.

Some methods on how to stop your period employ the use of medications. Although some contraceptive pills and medicines actually have side effects, they do stop the period temporarily.

Before the planned date of postponing the menses, one could actually start taking oral contraceptive pills weeks before the event. In addition, the injectable contraceptive called Depo-Provera also affords the same effect.

If one has any particular medical condition or any considerations, it would be best to consult a gynecologist before taking any medications.