Being a woman is sometimes not easy.  A woman has to go through every month what is commonly referred to as a “women’s curse”. This, in layman’s terms, is called your “menstruation cycle”.

Unless you have gone through menopause or have had a hysterectomy, there is no way of stopping your time of month from coming to visit. Sleeplessness can be a big concern during this time.

There are several reasons why you cannot seem to rest. You will probably be able to blame your hormones for a great deal of your discomfort.  During your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels are fluctuating and will cause the reasons you cannot sleep.sleeping


Bloating during your menstrual cycle is very uncomfortable, and can sometimes give you the blues. Being bloated will not help when you are trying to sleep. You may be tossing from side to side trying to get comfortable.

It also will not help you to get into those skinny jeans you want to wear but the zipper will not go all the way up. The water that you are retaining in your body, during your menstrual cycle, is the culprit here. You can do some things for relief.

Your physician will be able to prescribe water pills that will get rid of the water retention in your body. If you do not want to take a water pill for this, then you have the option of getting rid of the water the natural way. You will need to get some exercise, eat less salt, and eat small meals that contain fruits and vegetables.


Another reason that you may be having trouble sleeping is the cramping that you are experiencing during your menstrual cycle. These menstrual cramps will make for a restless night of sleep. Cramping will happen in your lower abdomen, and even sometimes in your back.

You may experience a very sharp pain, or just a dull ache that will not seem to subside. These cramps usually happen days before you even start your menstrual cycle, but they will eventually stop as your bleeding begins to slow down.

Try using a heating pad on your abdomen, where the pain is, to get some relief. If you drink warm chocolate, or another warm drink, this may also help. Another solution is to take ibuprofen to help reduce the pain.

Heavy Bleeding

You may be feeling like you cannot sleep, because your menstrual cycle is heavier than usual. This will cause you to be uncomfortable, and this feeling alone is enough to keep you awake at times.

Heavy bleeding could wake you up at night because you will feel like you are overflowing onto your pajamas, or nightgown, and even on your bedding. Getting up at night to change your pad or tampon is never fun, but may be necessary if your flow is very heavy.

Most women dread this time of month, but if you keep in mind that this process is actually a healthy thing for your body, then it may help you to sleep a little easier.