In case you are suffering from period symptoms then there are some kinds of foods that you should avoid and also some that you should introduce in your diet because they are healthy or to make up for those that you had to give up to get rid of the symptoms.

Not skipping meals to manage PMS symptoms

In many cases women suffering from PMS eat processed food in order to make up for the skipped meals and not to feel hunger. If this is something that you do then you have the perfect recipe for disaster. You don’t make bloating, headaches, cramps, irritability or nausea better if you don’t eat.

period-symptomsAs one of the PMS symptoms you could experience food cravings. These appear when the blood sugar level decreases. Any other kind of craving is emotionally created. You should feed your body before you start having different kinds of food or beverage cravings.

One of the best things that you could do in order to avoid period symptoms is to be having 5-6 smaller meals. This way you can maintain the blood sugar level normal and you won’t have to be eating processed food just to stop feeling hungry.

Vitamin B

When people say that a girl’s best friend is a diamond, they don’t think about PMS symptoms, because in this case it is vitamin B. If you consume a lot of it then you could take care of bloating, tiredness, cravings, and even the mood swings that may be the most annoying symptoms.

In case you are taking multivitamin supplements to treat period symptoms, then you shouldn’t be taking another one. Instead opt for the foods that are rich in vitamin B. One thing you could try is to have some nuts and some yogurt with banana. You should also have some beans and whole grains in your diet.

Healthy fat choices

In case your diet is filled with bad fats, the PMS symptoms will get a lot worse. Remember that these symptoms could start two weeks before your period, so in this time you should have no fatty foods not to have an effect on your symptoms. You could have a tuna fish sandwich or some walnuts and pumpkin seeds.


It is easy to increase the potassium level to make the period symptoms better. All you have to do is to have some vegetables and fruits at every meal. Also you could have some fruit salad made of cantaloupe, bananas and orange. You ought to have some fresh orange juice as well.


In case you experience bloating as one of the PMS symptoms then you don’t necessarily need over the counter drugs. You should make sure that you have enough water on a daily basis and the foods that you are having also come with high levels of water.

No refined sugar

If you are having smaller meals to handle the period symptoms then you shouldn’t be craving sugar. In case you consume processed sugar then you will end up feeling tired rather than energized. Instead of processed sugar you should go for the natural sources          like fresh fruit and canned fruit that have added water, not syrup.

E foods

Just as vitamin B is important for handling PMS symptoms, so is vitamin E. There are some women struggling with problems of this kind who got help from vitamin E supplements. You could have brown rice with asparagus and roasted pecans.

Chocolate or something else

Sometimes it is a must to have some chocolate to help you with the period symptoms, but you should know that there are some other options as well. Instead of that rich chocolate ice cream from the fridge you should have some chocolate pudding or fudgecicle.


Magnesium is also important to handle the PMS symptoms. There are numerous kinds of foods that come with this nutrient including nuts, seeds and brown rice. Another kind of food that you should consider having is lentil soup that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

As you can see there is a lot you could do to make the period symptoms better, and in the majority of the cases you don’t have to make a sacrifice too big.