Although in the past there has been no period pain relief, in the modern days there is a lot that women could do to make the cramps better.

About 50% of all women suffer from them and this is why the medical world started to take the problem seriously and had come up with solutions.

Ibuprofen as relief for period pain

In case of the majority of women ibuprofen is the only over the counter drug that really helps. While in some cases it only reduces the pain experienced, in other cases it can make it disappear completely. Keep in mind that you should take it as soon as you experience the first signs.

Period Pain ReliefIn order to achieve relief for period pain it is even better to take it even before the signs appear. The longer you wait, the smaller the effects will be. In some cases if women take it too late, the drug could do more harm than good.


In case you are looking for the oldest trick in the book regarding period pain relief, then you should think about heat pads and hot baths. Heat really works, but it is the most effective in case of the mild pains. Although it helps with severe pain as well, it doesn’t make it go away.

You should also know about relief for period pain that you need to stay warm generally. This is because the cold makes the muscles contract, and the pain will become even worse. You might want to put on an extra layer of clothes or use a blanket.

Counter pressure

Fighting fire with fire sometimes really works. When looking for period pain relief, you should think about applying pressure on your lower back.

You could visit a professional and get acupressure. Naturally you could ask your partner to apply some pressure on your back at home.


Although this isn’t a real method of relief for period pain because you won’t experience less pain, the truth is that you won’t be aware of the fact that you are in pain in case you give your brain something else to think about. You could go out with some friends to have a captivating conversation or stay at home and play a board game or read a book that will distract you from your problems.


Stress could do a lot of damage in our lives, and it also makes the muscle cramps worse during your period. This is why in case you are looking for period pain relief you might want to consider the activities that relax you, such as Pilates or yoga.


While some of the women swear that having an orgasm offers them relief from period pain, there are some women that don’t really understand this. Nonetheless it is true that it offers distraction and after having sex you will be relaxed. As you can see there is a lot you could do for period pain relief even without leaving the house.