Most of the women are really interested in suppressing their regular menstruation periods using period suppression pills due to various reasons.

Especially, if you are having any problems with reproductive or menstrual health, skipping periods can really change your life.

Birth control pills and menstrual suppression

Traditional birth control pills (side effects of birth control pills)work to prevent regular ovulation and block the sperm by thickening the cervical mucus.

After using 21 days of birth control pills, you may use 7 days of placebo pills to get periods. So, during these seven days of duration you may start to get your periods.

These seven days of period for starting regular menstruation cycle is not a normal one compared to the menstruation cycle of women who doesn’t use any birth control pills. Experts call this process as withdrawal bleeding. On this basis of withdrawal bleeding, menstrual suppression pills are actually modeled.

Effects of menstrual suppression pills

Some experts believe it is absolutely safe to use menstrual suppression pills while others don’t accept such fact. However, there are a few side effects that you may encounter with the use of menstrual suppression pills.

Some of them include lack of testosterone, excess accumulation of iron, and cervix cancer, abnormal bone and breast development and also have effect on long term fertility.

So, be aware of all these risks and don’t forget to take as much advices as possible from your personal doctor before you decide to skip your regular periods.