In case you would like to know more about menstrual cycle and pregnancy then you should start by getting to know your body. The menstrual cycle means the development and the endometrium shedding, that makes up the uterus’ lining.

If you would like to get pregnant, you should keep track of your patterns of fertility to be able to predict your ovulation.

What you should know about getting pregnant and menstruation cycle is that this highly fertile period of the month lasts for seven days: one week before ovulation, the period of ovulation and the day post ovulation. After this the chances of getting pregnant decrease considerably since the life span of the egg is of only about 24 hours.

Menstruation cycle and ovulation prediction

There are two parts that you should know about regarding getting pregnant and the menstruation cycle: before ovulation and after ovulation. The ovarian cycle means the development and the ovary releasing of the egg. Although the length of the menstruation cycle varies among women, usually a cycle is of 28 days.

Pre-ovulation and menstrual cycle and pregnancy

The possibility of getting pregnant and the menstruation cycle starts when the bleeding begins. This lasts for about three-five days. At about the seventh days of the cycle the eggs begin to be released due to hormonal changes. The period between the first week and the eleventh day of the cycle the uterus’ lining starts to thicken and this might be observed through the changes of the cervical fluids.

After this period of time the egg will be expelled from the ovary due to the luteinizing hormone. This travels through the fallopian tubes all the way to the uterus. In case of those women whose cycle consists of 28 days this should happen on the fourteenth day, right in the middle of the cycle.

Post-ovulation, menstrual cycle and pregnancy

After the ovulation is over the period is known as luteal phase which can be observed by a small rise in your body temperature. After ovulation the egg is transported to the uterus. In case it is fertilized by sperm, the ‘implantation’ should happen inside the uterus and this is the moment when pregnancy begins. In case the egg isn’t fertilized, it ‘expires’ after 24 hours, as it has been mentioned before.

You should know about menstrual cycle and pregnancy that in case there is no fertilization, the level of certain kinds of hormones will get smaller and the uterus’ lining will shed and break down. This is what actually is menstruation or period. This way we get back to bleeding, or to the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

The start of the menstrual cycle and maybe of pregnancy lasts for about 14-20 days, but it varies from woman to woman. Also it could differ from one month to the other in case of the same woman. Getting pregnant in the menstrual cycle can only happen in the first part. Now you know all about menstrual cycle and pregnancy.