Menstrual cramps are spasms or pain experienced in the abdomen or in the lower back. But what if you have menstrual cramps but no period?

This kind of discomfort is usually experienced two days before the period and two days after it started. In the majority of the cases it is a normal premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Nonetheless there are some women who have no period just menstrual cramps.


The most common reason for such a situation is pregnancy and this is what the majority of people would be thinking about. Having cramps in the early phase of pregnancy is common because the uterus is contracting in order to make space for the fetus.

A pregnancy test will confirm whether you are pregnant, and in case the test is negative, you will have to find some other reasons for having no period just menstrual cramps.


When women get closer to menopause, they start having irregular periods and during this period the menstruation could stop for a longer period of time. In this case the person in question might have menstrual cramps but no period. If this is the cause of the cramps, there is no need for any treatment. This is only indicating that the level of the reproductive hormones is decreasing.

Menstrual Cramps But No Period

Ovarian cyst

There are two kinds of cysts that could be present in the ovaries, ad one of them is the follicle cyst. In this case the ovarian follicle cannot release the egg when it should and it just keeps on growing.

Usually this kind of cyst disappears on its own after 2-3 months. The other kind of cyst is the corpus luteum cyst, that is a cyst filled with fluid and it is formed because the sac isn’t absorbed after the egg has been released.

This also disappears after some time. Usually these ovarian cysts aren’t malignant and they may not require any treatment. Nonetheless, they could cause no period just menstrual cramps.

Autoimmune oophiritis

Autoimmune oophiritis is a kind of inflammatory condition during which the immune system starts attacking its own cells by mistake. This results in shrunken and hardened ovaries. The level of the reproductive hormones decreases and in the end it could lead to infertility. In this case there are menstrual cramps but no period. The downside is that the condition is difficult to treat because the majority of the immune-suppressive drugs showed no results.

Cervical stenosis

When looking for the cause of no period just menstrual cramps, cervical stenosis also has to be taken into consideration. This means that the opening of the cervix is too narrow and so the menstrual flow is restricted. The symptoms include irregular periods and menstrual cramps but no period. In some cases a lump could also appear in the lower abdomen.

Ovarian cancer

This could also cause no period just menstrual cramps. Ovarian cancer might be difficult to diagnose because it has some common symptoms and it is easy to be mistaken for other conditions that also include menstrual cramps but no period.