Having irregular menstrual periods, accounts for 30-40% cases of infertility. This does not however rob the woman of the ability to conceive entirely.

However conception may be more trying than in the cases of women with regular periods. Your getting pregnant is determined by other factors such as having coitus when you are most likely to conceive, the reason for your irregular periods and their regularity.

Irregular periods explained

A menstrual cycle is said to be irregular if it is shorter than 21 days or exceeds 36 days. The cycle is said to be irregular if still within this bracket it varies. It is ordinary for women to experience a few cycles that are off the norm. These may be as a result of health conditions, stress levels and climatic changes.Menstrual Cycle

Few cases of delayed menses in a year should not be cause for worry. Where the irregularity of menstrual cycle is sustained or your periods are far between you should seek medical opinion on the case.

The cause of irregular periods

  • In some cases irregular periods may point to anovulation. This is a situation where ovulation does not take place.

  • In this situation,getting pregnant will be evasive. Hormonal imbalance is the other reason for irregular periods. As long as you ovulate, getting pregnant is still possible without turning to fertility drugs.

  • Having the right weight is also important. A woman who is too heavy or another who is very light may have problems conceiving unless they adjust their weight to the right one.

Conceiving even with erratic periods

A visit to your gynecologist is important if you have irregular periods. It is advisable for women for to pay visits to their gynecologists regularly. The doctor is able to perform some blood tests that will tell if you are ovulating or not. If you are ovulating and you are below 35 years of age you would choose to keep trying to get pregnant on your on before using fertility drugs.

A woman with irregular periods and is ovulating needs to take efforts to predict ovulation. There are several ways of doing this prediction and a combination of several may have to be employed.

Though it is possible to conceive even with erratic periods it is good to consult your doctor about the irregular periods to confirm there is nothing medically wrong.

Many women have been found not to ovulate but the problem can be rectified successfully. Some women have problems confronting the problem of not ovulating and fail to seek help. Such women should realize that the problem of irregularity of periods is common in many women and should take hope in the fact that the situation can be turned around.

The reason why a visit to your gynecologist is important is that pregnancy is determined by many hormones that are produced by various body organs. It is only a medical examination that can put to rest doubts about the ability of glands such as liver, thyroid and pituitary gland’s ability to produce the requisite hormones.