There are many different causes for irregular menstrual bleeding or Metrorrhagia as it is also called. For a great many cases medical intervention may be required to restore normal menstrual patterns, in many cases it could be possible to use home remedies for the irregular bleeding.

In some cases the irregular menstrual bleeding may be the natural course of things and there may not be any treatment required. For instance when a female first gets her period, her system may take some time to regularize in to a set pattern or a predictable schedule. This will resolve in time.

Irregular Menstrual BleedingAlso when a woman approaches menopause or is in her perimenopausal years (which may begin as many as 10 years before actual menopause onset) she may start to experience irregular periods. This is not problematic in itself, though it could be tiresome and inconvenient.

In the case of irregularity in a woman’s menstrual periods due to other reasons, the following simple home remedies may help:

Control and reduce stress

Stress is a known culprit for causing irregular menstrual bleeding. Stress can result in certain hormone changes in the body that may result in the irregularity. Learning better time management techniques or anger management techniques can help lower stress significantly. It can also help to learn relaxation methods such as meditation or visualization to help keep stress in check.

Check your medication

At times certain common medications, particularly anti-coagulant drugs can contribute to irregular or excess bleeding. Consider changing the medication by consulting with your physician.

Birth control methods

Many birth control methods, particularly hormone based ones are likely to be responsible for irregular menstrual bleeding.

IUDs such as Mirena can reduce the menstrual bleeding very significantly, and others such as the copper T may increase the bleeding. If it is your birth control method that is responsible for the irregularity of periods and this is a concern, consider changing your birth control method.

Nutritional methods

Sometimes nutritional deficiencies could be the cause of irregular menstrual bleeding. Balancing the diet to include more fruit and vegetable, whole grain and good quality protein may often correct the problem. A multivitamin or other nutritional supplement could also help.

In addition, home remedies such as drinking carrot juice or grape juice everyday for several weeks are seen to be helpful. Herbal remedies such as dill or a mixture of ginger and honey are also thought to help restore regularity of periods. Cutting out or lowering consumption of fatty foods, caffeinated drinks and so on may also help.

Lifestyle alterations

Very often, the reason behind irregular periods could be something as obvious as being overweight or underweight. In both instances there could be hormonal irregularities that cause the problem.

Very low body fat and extreme exercising among athletes or those who have an eating disorder is known cause of irregular menstrual bleeding. Restoring normal eating patterns and controlling levels of physical activity can help. Conversely obesity is also responsible for irregularities so maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way to maintaining normal menstrual bleeding.