Something that many women will choose not to do is have intercourse during menstruation. However, this is usually due to a personal choice and there is not a medical problem. The problem with menstruation is that it leads to women feeling unattractive and no interested in sex; it can also make the partner uncomfortable with the idea.

Choosing intercourse during menstruation

It is a personal choice to have sex while you are having a period. This is not something that has to be off limits, but you may not want to do it. However, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy it during the times that you are bleeding and it can offer a number of benefits to you and your partner.

Intercourse During MenstruationOne of the main benefits is that an orgasm helps to release chemicals in your brain that are linked to pain relief. If you suffer from headache and menstrual pains during the time of the month, you may find that they disappear because of sex. This is a great option for many women and a reason for your partner to agree.

Another benefit is that it may make your period shorter by a couple of days. When you have sex, you will still bleed as normal but the contractions from the orgasm will lead to shedding the blood much quicker, which is a great time for you.

Be comfortable with the idea

Before you even decide to try intercourse during menstruation, you will need to be happy with the idea; both you and your partner. If neither of you are comfortable with it, then it will not be the best experience. There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea, and not just the ones above. Sex during your period means that there is more lubrication. This often means that the feeling is better for both partners.

The main thing that a couple may not be happy with is the idea of the mess, but this is something that you can limit. The first is knowing about the best positions to help to limit the amount of mess. Avoid any position that involves a woman on top, which will lead to problems with gravity. Having the man on top in the missionary position is often the best one to limit flow.

You do still need protection

Just because you are having intercourse during menstruation does not mean that it is risk free. You will still be at risk of pregnancy and STDs so it is important to be protected from them. Pregnancy is not as common, unless you are someone with a very short cycle, but there are still chances and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship, then you should wear a condom. Sex during menstruation means that STDs are still possible and there is a risk of some of them, like HIV, due the blood being a factor. You should use a condom to prevent any infections or diseases.