When going on holiday, there are chances that you are looking for ways to delay your period. This is a common thing among women of all ages and there are a number of ways to do this. The question that you need to answer when looking for how to delay your period is whether you are on the contraceptive pill or not.

How to Delay Your Period

There are a number of ways to delay a period. The trick is to delay ovulation, which will delay the release of the egg from the ovaries. By delaying this, the lining of blood will remain in the uterus, so you will not have your period. This is a great way to go on holiday without having worry about sanitary products.

How To Delay Your PeriodHowever, you need to remember to take the medication every day; otherwise the ovulation process will start.

You will also need to start taking the medication at the right time to avoid ovulation from starting – once it starts, it cannot be stopped.

For Those Who Take the Pill

One of the best things that you can do is change the dates that you take your pill. This will differ, depending on the type of contraceptive pill that you take. For some you will be able to delay date of your first pill and for others you will be able to run the packs back to back.

For those who are on the combined pill that is taken for 21 days, you will usually find that you have a seven day break between packs. This is when you will have the withdrawal bleed, commonly noted as being a period (even though no ovulation has taken place).

It is possible to start the next set of pills straight after the first one, which is something that a lot of women choose to do from time to do. However, there are side effects to this, including worse “period pains” at the end of the next pack and a heavier bleed.

For those who take the combined pill every day, without a break, there are seven pills that are “dummy pills”. These are just there so you can get into a habit of taking the pill every day but they will not actually help to delay the period.

When it comes to learning how to delay your period with this pill, you will need to miss the dummy pills from a pack. Skip them and move straight onto the next set of active pills instead.

The Phasic pill has a different set of hormones for different set of pills. It is important to take them in the correct order to be able to avoid pregnancy but there are some that can be missed out. This is something that you will need to talk to your doctor about to find out more.

A fourth type of pill is the progesterone only pill, which have a number of different effects on the periods. If you are on this pill, you will not be able to change the order that you take them in or be able to delay your period.

For Those Who Do Not Take the Contraceptive Pill

For those who are not on the pill, it is still possible to delay a period. The good news is that there is medication that a doctor is able to prescribe, which will help you to prevent your period from happening for a set time. However, there are some problems when it comes to finding out how to delay your period for this time.

Your doctor will prescribe norethisterone, which needs to be started three days before the date of your period. You will need to take a pill every day for the duration that you want to stop your period for. You will usually find that your period starts again around three days after your stop take the medication. This will not help to protect you against pregnancy.

You may also wish to start taking the contraceptive pill. This is something that your doctor will talk to you about when you start looking for how to delay your period. Take your time to consider all of your options but remember that you will need to start taking this pill weeks before your holiday starts.