Do you know menstrual cramps are one of the greatest causes for loss of school and working hours among women all over the world?

If you are like most of the women, you’ve probably experienced most debilitating menstrual cramps at some time or other in your life.

Some women experience mild discomfort menstrual cramps while others experience the most debilitating pain during regular periods.

Every month, the lining of your uterus produces certain chemicals such as prostaglandin, which greatly help the uterine muscles to contract and expel tissue and fluids during regular menstrual periods.

So, whenever the production of these specific chemicals is high, it causes your uterus muscles to contract more and leads to severe menstrual cramps.

However, if you don’t want to surrender yourself to pain, here are a few effective ways to help you to get better relief from menstrual cramps.

Follow these effective ways and get relief from disgusting cramps during regular menstrual periods.

Get into balanced diet routine

A well-balanced diet routine is essential, particularly during your regular menstruation cycle. Most people tend to skip meals and consume lots of sweets and other comfort food during their regular menstrual periods.

Try to realize that it is really a very bad habit and possibly leads to many other health problems.Instead of having more sweets, salty or junk foods, try to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken.

Make some space for these particular foods in your regular diet to get better health, including better relief from menstrual cramps.

Avoid excess alcohol intake

If you tend to retain more water during regular menstrual periods, alcohol adds more problems for you. Try to stay away from it, at least during your regular menstrual cycle, to avoid complications.

Cut out excess caffeine

Do you know caffeine, tea, chocolate and also cola greatly contributes to menstrual discomfort? The oils that are present in caffeine irritate your intestine and cause discomfort for you. Try to avoid them as much as possible to prevent pain during your periods.


Exercise is one of the greatest ways to alleviate menstrual cramps. Exercises raise the levels of beta-endorphins and responsible chemicals to soothe pain in your brain and cause better relief for you.

Certain studies show that these particular beta-endorphins have a positive effect on your mood and overall behavior.

Take your essential vitamins and minerals

If you get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in your regular diet routine, you will experience very few menstrual cramps. Try to take a multivitamin as well as a mineral supplement every day after meals to avoid problems during your regular menstrual cycle.

Oral contraceptive pills and various other medications can help you to get better relief from menstrual cramps. But be aware, never try to use any medications, pain killers or other self-treatments for your menstrual cramps without proper medical assistance.