Menstrual cramps are very common concerns among women who have experienced regular menstrual cycles. Some may have mild, while others would have unbearable cramps during regular menstrual cycle.

The best way to deal with it is to have a healthy diet before and during the periods and followed with good exercise routine.

Beneath are a few helpful exercises that you can practice regularly to prevent menstrual cramps.


Walking for exercise actually relieves you from almost any kind of pain, in fact it’s even better if it’s from strenuous exercises.

So, practice walking at a brisk pace and try to break out sweat from your body while walking. Walk at least 45 minutes at a step ahead from your own pace and capability each day or week.

Stretching exercises

Practicing stretching exercises regularly could help you to relieve your pain during periods. You can try pelvic stretches which can help you significantly to reduce the intensity of menstrual pain. Below are two options for pelvic exercises (kegel exercises) that you can practice to reduce the pain.

Exercise 1: Lie on your back erectly and slowly bend your knees and clasp your legs in this position. Now, slowly without raising your head and chest, try to bring your knees up to your chest. Hold it in this position for a few seconds and then slowly go back to the original position. If you are not comfortable with both legs you can try it with one leg alternatively.

Exercise  2: Lie completely flat on your back and slowly raise both legs up into the air, perpendicular to the floor and hold in this position for few seconds. Be careful, while going back to the original position. Don’t do it too fast, if it is not comfortable, first bring down your legs and then your knees.


  1. Great advice, thanks!
    Aside from exercise, herbal teas are great too. Raspberry leaf tea, cramp bark tea , peppermint tea, chamomile tea and ginger root tea have been known to relieve menstrual cramps.

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