Most of the women over the globe experience the ill effects of menstruation and face numerous troubles related to it. While this should be known that they can’t be totally evaded, there are numerous things you can do to reduce the ache and distress. Here are few things you can use to cope with the menstrual problem:

cope with menstrual problemsRaw Papaya

To treat menstrual irregularities, this home remedy has been into use for decades. Eat unripe or raw papaya; since its rich in an enzyme called Papain, it helps you in regularizing and having a proper menstrual flow.  Papaya shall also help you if you have the trouble of mood swings, tension and stress during menstruation.

Include Buckwheat in Diet

It’s high in bioflavonoids and can reduce excessive blood flow when taken with vitamin C. You can include buckwheat pancakes in snacks. Nuts and fruits are also high in bioflavonoids and can ease menstrual troubles.

Place High Temp Water Bags

Hot water bags are always recommended to ease menstrual spasms and back aches. Pour in boiling water into rubber hot bags and hold it on the lower abdomen or on your back. It will not only alleviate the pain but also help in making the flow smooth and prevent clots.

Herbal Inclusions in Diet

If you are having irregular menstrual cycles, drink  juice of buttermilk with grinded radish seeds – this will help you to get the cycle in right track. The herb parsley shows magical effects in regularizing delayed periods. Parsley and carrot juices help to get a smooth and trouble free periods. Chamomile tea empty stomach every morning is recommended for menstrual cramps and pain.

Lots of Water

Drink lots of water as dehydration can result in the body to release hormone called vasopressin that leads to spasms.

Use Cinnamon in Tea

This has mitigating and antispasmodic properties that soothe spasms. Use as a tea, or sprinkle on toast or sweet rolls. In the event that you have a substantial period, drinking cinnamon tea the day preceding or amid your period may help you.

Include Dried Apricots

These are high in iron, which is vital in menstrual cycle in light of the fact that iron supplies could be exhausted with substantial dying. Other iron-rich products are: liver, vegetables, shellfish, and invigorated breads and cereals.

Have Fennel Juice

Fennel juice elevates better flow to the ovaries. Take 1 teaspoon fennel seeds and make it into a powder. Add to 1 glass boiling water, soak for five minutes, strain, and drink it as a hot beverage.

Increase Ginger Intake

This is a spasm reliever, and at times it can make eccentric periods normal. Use in treats, tea, cake or as a zest in vegetables and mix fries.

Have Mint Juice

The mint juice also helps to soothe spasms during the menstrual cycle.

Thus the above given tips will help you to cope up with various problems associated with menstrual cycle.