A woman’s body is a complex thing and there are many different types of menstrual problems that may be experienced. Some are more common than others and there are some that are affected by daily routines and weight.

Here are some of the menstrual problems that women experience:

No periods

During the early stages of the menstrual cycle, the periods will be irregular. Some months they will be heavy, some they will not happen at all and others will have light bleeding. This is perfectly normal and just means that your body’s cycle is starting out.Menstrual problems

However, there are some women who will have a regular cycle all their life and then it just suddenly stops – for no apparent reason. This is known as Amenorrhea.

This is one of the most common menstrual problems seen and there are two types – primary and secondary. Primary is when a 14 to 16 year old girl has not started her periods while secondary is when the periods stop for six months or more.

Without pregnancy being a factor, the most common reason for this is weight.

Being underweight will lead to the menstrual cycle stopping and is seen in many anorexic or bulimic girls. However, another common reason is due to the balance in hormones.

Irregular periods

This is one of the menstrual problems that occurs more than you may think.

There are two main ways that a woman will suffer with irregular periods; either missing periods every now and then or the cycle being longer or shorter from month to month. This is known as Oligomenorrhea.

The most common reason for this problem is to do with hormones, which effect the development and release of the eggs. Without an egg being released, a period will not happen. There is treatment for this, which will help to regulate the periods.

Painful periods

A lot of women will suffer from pain during their periods but this is usually light and painkillers will help. However, there are some that suffer from menstrual problems of painful periods. This is known as Dysmenorrhea and affects about 10 percent of women. It affects women so much that it interferes with their ability to work and socialize with friends.

The pain is usually experienced in the lower abdomen but it can pass into the back and hips. There are many reasons why this problem will occur, including another infection at the same time. The only way to rule an infection out is by talking to your GP.

Most of the time, the pain will go away after up to 72 hours but there are other times that it will affect women severely. This often means that women need to take weeks off work while doctors find out the real cause for the pains.

Curing menstrual problems

Out of the three listed above, the third one cannot be cured. This is due to there being no known reason why some women experience such pain when others do not. All that can be given are painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to help a woman deal with the pain.