Why would cervical mucus before period be important? It is considered to be an important clue that ovulation is coming and in case you would like to get pregnant, it is important to time the intercourse before ovulation. If you are able to detect when the cervical mucus is the most fertile, you will know the exact time of ovulation and so you could plan the time of intercourse.

Besides of the cervical mucus before the period, you can also keep track of ovulation through taking your basal body temperature (BBT), but this only confirms ovulation after it has happened, and then it is too late for intercourse if you would like to have a baby.

Cervical Mucus Before PeriodThe best thing about being able to track the period of the cervical mucus, you will know about ovulation before it happens, and all you have to do is to do the planning.

While some women don’t really feel comfortable checking their own cervical mucus before intercourse, it is an important way to find out about the changes in your own body and most probably it will help you get pregnant.

As the ovulation approaches, the cervical mucus will turn from not being friendly to sperm to being friendlier, meaning that sperm survive and it can swim through better. After ovulation the cervical mucus will return to its normal, ‘not friendly’ kind.

We have to note that the body of every woman is different, but the consistency of the cervical mucus before the period is usually creamy, wet or it has a raw egg white consistency, while in other times it is dry and sticky. The cervical mucus before period is signaled by the wet or egg white consistency of the mucus.

In order to check the cervical mucus, you should wash and dry your hands well. Then you should find a comfortable position, like sitting on the toilet, standing up and putting one leg on the edge of the bathtub or squatting.

Then in order to check the cervical mucus before intercourse, insert your index or middle finger into your vagina. In some cases you don’t have to reach that high. Remove your finger and check the consistency of the mucus that you find.

To determine the cervical mucus before period you need to take a look at what you find and also roll it between two fingers. Then also try pressing two fingers together and then move them apart.

In case the sample that you find is sticky, most probably you aren’t ovulating yet. If it is creamy, ovulation could be close, but you’re still not ovulating yet.

The cervical mucus period could offer wet and slightly stretchy samples, which means that ovulation is really close, so you might have intercourse if you would like to have a baby, and if the sample is really stretchy and it resembles raw egg white, you are very fertile in that moment and it is the ideal time of intercourse according to the cervical mucus before period.