One of the most annoying things that women have to suffer from is bloating during period. You might be trying to fit into your favorite skinny jeans and that may be impossible in that period of the month.

Although you are more than frustrated because of it, you should know that you should be acting instead.

How to Deal with Bloating During Period

Less salt to fight the bloating when having your period

Salt is one of the basic elements of our diets, and this is why it is difficult to live without it. All of our favorite foods and drinks have it, but you should know that salt is one of the substances that make you become bloated.

For sure you know that bloating is the result of water retention, and water retention happens because there is too much sodium in your body.

One of the effects of bloating when having your period is that you seem to gain weight, but besides this you could also feel sluggish, tired and unattractive.

In case you would like to avoid all this, you should make sure that you cut back on the salt intake.

Keep an eye out for the sodium content of the food that you consume. In case you like dining, you should take a look at the sodium content of your favorite dishes to know what to expect regarding bloating during period. Most probably you will find that they are full of sodium, and so you should opt for something else in this period.

This doesn’t mean that you have to completely give those kinds of foods up. Just be careful during your menstrual period.

Water it

As it has been mentioned, bloating when having your period is caused by water retention, so why should you have more water? In case you don’t have enough water, your body will hold on to the water that it has.

In case your body has enough water, it will be able to function normally, and the extra water will be used to clear your organism of toxins.

This means that if you have enough water, the body will use the excess to get rid of everything that is causing bloating during period. According to the specialists, you should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day. This way you will be hydrated, you will have more energy and the bloating will disappear. So you will be able to wear your skinny jeans.

Vitamins and minerals

Bloating when having your period also means that the body doesn’t get the nutrients that it needs for proper functioning. If you don’t really have the time to figure out what is missing, then you should have some period vitamins. With their help you will be able to get rid of this symptom that accompanies menstruation.

Why does bloating during period appear?

The truth is that scientists don’t really know why women experience bloating when having their period, but it is a fact that about 85% of all women experience it. Now you know about bloating during period.