On one of our most popular posts, which deal with the topic of irregular menstrual cycles, we have had several queries raised, and among them is a question by one of our commentators who has noticed weight gain prior to her menstrual cycle. She wanted to know if this was a problem or if it was normal.

Our commentator noticed that she seemed to be putting on weight around the stomach and breast area a few days before her period and after her period she reverted to her normal slim self.drinking water

The fact is that bloating is a commonly experienced phenomenon, a few days prior to menstruation as well as during the menstrual period.

This is usually due to distension of the intestines from gas accumulation. It is also caused by the system retaining more water during this time.

The simple way to get rid of this feeling of bloating is to make a few simple changes in diet and increasing exercise. It is important to drink plenty of water, and to eat a high fiber diet which helps in easier and quicker digestion.

It can help to stay away from sweets and processed foods. It is also important to get substantial amounts of exercise, which will literally help you sweat it out!


  1. I’ve cut back on sodas or anything with caffeine. It’s not easy when you’re craving them. I found out if you cut those out, you don’t bloat as much as you do. I do drink more water before my period which accounts for water weight I experience during my period, but water’s better for you than sodas. Before my period, I’ll eat more food than usual. I use small portions since I have a smaller plate. If I’m real hungry, I’ll eat larger portions. I do crave salty foods and sweets some of the time. For a substitute, I’ll drink water or juice and eat fruit.

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