The majority of women are used to having disposable menstrual pads; so why should they switch to cloth menstrual pads? The truth is that this also has numerous advantages, and it is possible that once you start using them, you will never want to switch back.

1. No chemicals with menstrual pads made of cloth

In case of the disposable pads you can be sure that the manufacturers use numerous different chemicals to increase the absorbing capacity of the pad, and to make them as white as they do. Nonetheless you can be sure that these chemicals aren’t good for you.

Cloth Menstrual PadsThe skin in the genital area is sensitive and the chemicals can get into the body, causing discomfort and irritation.

This isn’t something you experience having menstrual pads made of cloth. We are all surrounded by chemicals, so we may want to reduce this exposure.

2. Comfort

In the majority of the cases the cloth menstrual pads are made of organic cotton they are comfortable. The plastic that is used in case of the disposable pads doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, but cotton allows, and so the chances of being affected by fungal infections decrease.

In case you are using natural cotton, it is quite unlikely to experience irritations. Also these menstrual pads made of cotton don’t have adhesive on them, so they don’t stick to the skin, clothing or pubic hair.

3. The same efficiency

There is not much difference between the disposable and the cloth menstrual pads. They are a single piece and they are also just as slim as their disposable counterparts.

These pads also come with a layer that the fluid can’t get through, thus there will be no stains on the clothing. This way you can be sure that you will have no problems with the pads.

4. Eco-friendly

In case you calculate how many pads you use in your life, you could get to the number 10,000. Think about how much rubbish you create and then consider menstrual pads made of cloth that don’t become rubbish. They don’t get to the landfill, like the disposable pads and tampons and their downside is that if they aren’t recycled, they can’t break down. In case you opt for using cloth menstrual pads, you can help in some way to make the world a better place.

5. Being in touch

Just think about the fact that you are throwing the pads away that have your own bodily fluids. In case of the menstrual pads made of cloth you do no such thing. A lot of women say that their relationship with themselves had a positive change since they started using these kinds of pads. This way you will have a different attitude towards yourself.

6. Money

In case you opt for getting cloth menstrual pads, you can be sure that you will save a lot, because you have to buy them only once, and you will never throw them away, unlike the disposable pads that you always have to buy.