The menstruation does not register important modifications during a woman’s reproductive years unless some kind of disease or pregnancy induced change occur.

This is why many women worry that blood clots during period are a sign of something serious. The new wave of information focusing on cervical cancer and abnormal pap smears results created the urge of analyzing any change in what women consider normal about their period.

However, these changes do not always mean that something is wrong, or out of order. For example blood clots during period can be completely normal and not necessarily related to some mysterious manifestation of a scary disease.

Normal blood clots during period

During your period, your body will release anticoagulants that keep the blood fluid and thinned.

However, if your flow is extremely strong, the blood may pass before the anticoagulants can work. In this case, the blood may clot as it is passed.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the uterus lining is different from one month to the other hence the period may be heavier in some months, which can also contribute to the formation of period blood clots.

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When should clots during period worry you?

There are times when menstrual blood clots should be a reason for concern. If you are passing large clots during period, it could be a sign of something being wrong with your uterus lining and usually this is accompanied by several different symptoms.

Passing large blood clots during period on a regular basis is accompanied by a large blood flow, painful menstrual cramps and a general feeling of discomfort.

Do not make assumptions by yourself because the cause can be anything from a uterine infection to a possible fibroid development, but only a doctor can decide over a diagnosis.

Hormonal changes as a cause for period blood clots

The menstruation cycle can be affected by fluctuations of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. These hormones control how the body sheds the lining of the uterus. When these hormones get out of balance, the wall of the uterus can become very thick.

Once this occurs, you may experience a heavier flow, and more menstrual blood clots. Hormonal changes can be caused by a number of things including menopause, excessive weight loss or gain, or as a result of some medications. In this situation, your doctor may put you on a hormone therapy.

Enlarged uterus

blood clots during menstruation picturesDuring pregnancy the uterus will become enlarged to accommodate the child you are carrying. After pregnancy, the uterus is supposed to shrink and go back to the normal size.

However, in some cases this may not happen. If the uterus does not shrink, during menstruation, blood may pool inside before being passed. The blood may begin to clot inside before passing, and you will see several large blood clots during period.


Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the uterus which is supposed to grow inside the uterus, grows on the outside. This condition can be very serious and should be treated by a physician.

If this condition develops it can lead to a heavier flow, and excessive clotting during menstruation. This condition can be treated by medication in the early stages but may require surgery later in development.

Period blood clots and medical exams

In all of the above cases, several treatment options are available. However, a doctor will be required for proper diagnosis and treatment. If you suspect that your menstruation cycle has changed or become heavier in the past few months, it is best to contact your physician or gynecologist.

Only they can confirm, through testing, whether the blood clots during a period you are experiencing are normal, or a sign of something more serious. This can usually be confirmed by a Pap smear, or ultrasound, conducted by your physician.

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  1. this helped me. im new to this whole period thing and have only had mine for about 4 years. i get major clots that are sometimes twice the size of a quarter and it burns and i can feel when they pass. i think now i’ll see a doctor.

  2. I have sex a lot u can call me a nympho and i have blood clots the size of my hand…. maybe this is bad?

  3. Endometriosis cannot be detected through a pap smear/regular pelvic exam. I had it for 20 years and doctors never did anything about it until I got a giant ovarian cyst they found with ultrasound. It wasn’t until I had surgery to remove the cyst that the surgeon confirmed what I had always known- I was full of Endometriosis. If your periods are unbelievably, unbearably painful and you have a ridiculously heavy flow, you probably have it.

  4. i had ahuge fibroid in my uterus my myomectamy was done on 23 dec still i have bleeding problem pleas solve my problem

  5. Bleeding for 35 days with some large clots..What can I do to stop the bleeding? I’m 50 yrs old this is the first time I have had an irregular period. How long should I let this go before I become very low on Iron and how can I replace the iron loss?

  6. I have been bleeding very heavily for the past month and been passing huge and large amounts of blood clots.they said I was anemic……don’t know what to do!

  7. I have been bleeding very heavy for the past couple of year and having large blood clots too. Dr. says i am anaemic. Is this normal? Am I going through menopause as I am 51 years old. Getting panicky here and afraid. will be going to see my family dr. soon. Help please.

  8. Hi there,
    have the same problem, l’m on my period as of now, woke up this morning with very large blood clots coming out of me,one as side of an quarter if not bigger, don’t get those that big, l do get get blood clots all the time , when l start my periods, l’m 42 right now,l’ve been having problems with my periods all my life,not starting regular and going months without starting at all, but the past few months l’ve been very regular, l was wondering is this something to worry about.

    thank you

  9. i was having irregula periods, was able to get pregnant with twins unfortunatelly, at 15 to 16weeks my water break and they both came out, one month from that up to 5months my periods were regular then it became irregular again, and due to that i wasn’t able to get pregnant, so decided to be on jasmin pills to contro my period which i was using it before i get pregnant,stop using the pills after 3months still not pregnant yet, my problem is, i have been having blood clots tiny(alots) anytime i have my period and for the first time in my life i have 2periods in one month,am at age 35 willing to start family. what should i do.

  10. I am on the third day of my period. The first day hardly anything, second day normal, the third day very heavy with huge blood clots constantly with heavy blood flow bright red color. The Huge clots are a concern as some are the size of half my palm. Is this normal for a 39 year old who has normal regular period?

  11. I have been experiencing heavy flow & severe clotting since about 35 years old.
    Period cycle is every 28 days & gynae says everything is normal.
    Worried because clots are palm size for the 1st four days & cramping is severe.
    Sanitary towels cannot hold the clots & period lasts for 7 days.
    What can be done to thin the clots to avoid embarrasing moments & unbearable cramping.
    Please help!!!!!

  12. This information is very hepful. But, Im 22 and my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for 4 years now and nothing. There’s months were I pass very large cloths half the size of my palm, any help here?

  13. Always on the second day of my period i might pee out maybe 2 big blood clots in the total day in the second day, otherwise its normal, but my last papsmear was normal which was last year,But my point is i always had big blood clots, is something wrong?

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