When analyzing the anatomy and psychology of the female reproductive organ, the majority of people are considering the general reproduction process.

There are both internal and external organs. The organs of the reproductive system are unique and all of the organs have their specific tasks.


The uterus

This is a hollow organ that has a role to play in pregnancy and menstruation. It is located between the rectum and the bladder. The uterus is made of fundus, corpus, isthmus and the cervix. The walls of the organ are quite thick and they are made of three layers: myometrium, endometrium and the perimetrium.


The female reproductive organs’ anatomy and psychology also involves the vagina. This is a muscular tube that is about 6 inches long and it connects the external genitalia to the uterus. The vagina represents the passageway for the menstrual flow and it is the road the baby follows during the active stage of birth.

Fallopian tubes

If you are thinking about the anatomy and psychology of the female reproductive organ, you also have to consider the fallopian tubes. These are about 4 inches long and they make the connection from the ovaries to the uterus but they aren’t actually connected to the ovaries. Their job is to transport the mature eggs to the uterus.


The women thinking about the psychology and anatomy of women’s reproductive organs ought to know that some of the most important organs are the ovaries. These have a role to play in the production of eggs and in hormone production. Each ovary is of about the shape and size of an almond.

External female organs

The anatomy and psychology of the female reproductive organ also involves the external organs like the labia majora, mons pubis, labia minora, perineum, Bartholin’s glands and the vestibule. All these form the vulva, which means ‘covering’ in Latin.


In case you are wondering about the psychology and anatomy of the reproductive organs of women, it is good to know that this consists of the urethral meatus, the clitoris and vaginal introitus. For sure you know that the clitoris has a role to play in sexual excitation. The urethral meatus refers to the urethra’s opening.

Naturally there is a lot to know about the anatomy and psychology of the female reproductive organ and there might be more to it than you may think at first sight since human anatomy is never simple.