Amenorrhea is known as the lack of menstrual fluid and it could be primary or secondary. There are many different amenorrhea causes.

While in some cases these are natural in the life of women, other could be a result of side effects of some kind of medication.

Natural causes of amenorrhea

During her life, a woman could experience amenorrhea for natural causes that aren’t alarming at all. Such reasons include pregnancy, menopause and breast feeding. You might see that there is nothing scary about these causes.

Amenorrhea CausesBirth control

Some of the causes of amenorrhea include the use of contraceptive pills. Even when you stop taking the pills it could take months before your menstruation and ovulation go back to normal.

Those birth control methods that are implanted or injected could also cause amenorrhea and the same thing is true for the intrauterine devices.


Some kinds of medication are known to be amenorrhea causes. It is possible that you are taking some of these drugs. They include chemotherapy for cancer, antipsychotics, blood pressure medication and antidepressants. Believe it or not, your lifestyle could hide some of the causes of amenorrhea.


In case you are under a lot of stress this could have an effect on your hypothalamus. This is a part of the brain that regulates the hormones influencing the menstruation. Because of this menstruation and ovulation could stop. After the stress disappears the menstrual periods will get back to normal.

Low weight

This is also one of the amenorrhea causes. In case your body weight is very small, it could have an effect on the functions of the body, such as ovulation. The women with eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia often experience hormonal imbalances.

Too much exercise

The women who are having a lot of exercise could find themselves faced with causes of amenorrhea. Such sports include gymnastics, running, or even ballet. There are different factors that make women have their cycle interrupted, such as low body fat and stress.

Hormonal imbalances

This could also become one of the amenorrhea causes and there are several different conditions that make them happen.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

In the majority of the cases the syndrome causes high hormone levels that are constant instead of the fluctuating ones that are associated with the normal cycles.

Thyroid malfunction

Another one of the causes of amenorrhea is an underactive or overactive thyroid gland that causes irregularities regarding the menstrual cycle.

Premature menopause

Normally menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Nonetheless there are some women who have a diminished number of eggs before they reach 40, and in their case premature menopause sets in.

Structural problems

Other amenorrhea causes include the reproductive organs that have an effect on the menstrual cycle.

Uterine scarring

There is the condition called Asherman’s syndrome. As a result of this condition there is scar tissue built up in the uterus. In some of the cases this is caused by the D&C procedure, C section or uterine fibroids treatment.