A new study is indicating that consumption of more meat and protein during the childhood years could mean that girls attain puberty earlier now than ever before. This early onset puberty puts them more at risk from life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

The findings of this study conducted by the University of Bristol, contributes to evidence from previous studies which have theorized that excessive meat intake in the diet is bad for you and that it is best to avoid diets that are very high in meat content.

It has been seen for a while now that girls are reaching puberty earlier now than at any time in the last century. External signs such as developing breasts also are happening a full year or two earlier than just 50 years ago.

This shortening childhood of girls may owe itself to a number of different reasons: one reason is of course what you eat. Then there is the fact that higher stress levels could be a contributing factor.

Excessive TV viewing could also be a causal factor and obesity could also be one. There is yet no reason to cut out meat from the diet as it is an important source of protein and other nutrients; however it is important to maintain moderation in meat intake.