It is quite common for girls to develop their primary and secondary sexual characters when they reach particular stage of their life.

Normally the average age of girl to develop  puberty (puberty in girls) is between 9-15 years.

The term delayed puberty or delayed sexual development in girls is mainly referred to the absence of development in breasts or lack of their ability to menstruate even after attaining their primary sexual characters.

The actual onset of sexual maturation in girls takes place when the hypothalamus present in their brain, sends a chemical signal to the pituitary gland.

When your pituitary gland receives this specific chemical signal, it starts in production of certain hormones called gonadrophins and releases them into your blood stream.delayed puberty

Gonadrophins play a vital role in the sexual development of females!

Gonadrophins mainly helps you in stimulating the growth of essential sexual organs of your body. So, because of these gonadrophins, your body is mainly stimulated to grow or to develop essential sexual organs in your body.

So, these major growing sexual organs like ovaries tend to secrete the essential sex hormones like estrogens (estrogen levels). These sex hormones are significantly considered as the major sources for your body in developing essential sexual characteristics, including breast development and growth of pubic hair.

Chromosomal abnormalities and underlying chronic diseases!

The delay in development of essential sexual features in girls can be due to many different reasons. If your girl is suffering with any underlying chronic disease, then the chances for her to experience this delay in sexual development are at increased levels. Even the presence of certain abnormal chromosomes in the body of your girl can also tend to contribute its major part in the delay of puberty or sexual development in her body.

Certain underlying diseases which can mainly cause the delay in the development of sexual organs in your body can mainly include inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, anemia and also diabetes mellitus. Even certain chromosomal abnormalities like turner syndrome and certain other genetic disorders can mainly affect the production of essential sex hormones in your body.

The growth of tumor in your brain, which will mainly damage the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, can significantly lower the production of gonadrophins. As a result, the development of sexual features in females can considerably tend to holdup.

So, whenever you notice the delay in the development of sexual features in your girl, immediately consult a better physician for appropriate solution. Don’t get depressed if your child is suffering with delayed puberty. There are many treatment options available in order to treat this delay in sexual development in females. Try to know about all those possible ways and choose the better one by seeking an appropriate medical advice.