Birth control pill is the most popular and effective birth control method.

Different brands of pill are available for birth control.

However, they usually come in packs of twenty-one or twenty-eight pills.

The birth control pill is a synthetic form of the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Birth control pills stop ovulation by maintaining more consistent hormone levels. Without an increase in estrogen level, the ovary doesn’t get the signal to release an egg.

Birth Control Pills

Thus, prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. Birth control pills are 99.7% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Consult your doctor before you start taking birth control pills. You can start using the pills from the first day of your menstrual period or the first day after an abortion.

The pills should be taken one for each day till you finish your entire pack. However, if you miss taking a pill for one day, start taking as soon as you remember and continue with the next pill at usual time.

Birth Control Pill – Alesse

Alesse is one of the most effective birth control pill that is used worldwide for preventing pregnancy. It contains hormones that prevent the ovary from releasing an egg and stops the sperm from entering the uterus.

It is recommended to maintain a gap of 24 hours between each tablet. Better take the pill at nights to reduce the risk of having nausea or headache (if any) that you may experience due to the hormones.

Ortho Tri Cyclen

Ortho Tri Cyclen, a birth control pill that provides a low daily dose of hormones in your body to prevent pregnancy. It contains a combination of female hormones that stops the process of ovulation.

It is most effective in making changes in the cervical mucous and uterine lining, which, in turn, makes it harder for the sperm to enter the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to join the uterus.


Seasonale is a kind of prescription birth control pill that is taken orally to prevent pregnancy. It should be taken one for each day. With the use of this pill, you will have only four menstrual periods per year, a radical change when compared to the menstrual period that occur with other birth control pills.


Yasmin is the most recent low-dose birth control pill, which is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The effectiveness of this pill is 99 percent when used correctly. It works in the same way as other birth control pills.

Even this should be taken one for each day for three weeks, followed by seven placebo pills that should be taken throughout the week for getting regular menstrual period. It is the only birth control pill that provides drospirenone (the synthetic progestin), which is an alternative for the adverse effects that you experience from other oral birth control pills.

The health risks associated with birth control pills are blood clots, stroke and heart attack. Remember, cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious side effects.

It is highly recommended to stop taking the pills and discuss with your doctor if you suspect pregnancy or vaginal bleeding.


  1. hi
    i had sex with my hubby 1 week back
    but i was shocked when i found the condom broken
    then i took unwanted-72 pill(1.5mg)contraceptive tablet after one hour of the intercourse
    the tablet i took consisted 1.5mg of levonorgestrel
    so i didnt take again after 1 hr
    i used have periods 1 week before my date that is last time i had on 30th.So when can i expect my periods
    i am bit worried i dont want to become pregnant
    if i miss periods wat should i do?

  2. Hi shruthi
    You need to take another pill 12 hours after taking the first pill. When you use the pills as directed in prescription, it will reduce the risk of pregnancy up to 89%. The effectiveness depends on the interval between intercourse and start of the treatment. Your period date will vary slightly, because of taking the pills.

  3. Hi,

    I have a daughter of 7 months. I am doing breastfeeding to her till now. I don’t have periods till now. I had an unprotected sex with my husband last night and had taken Mistake Pill within 30 minutes. Shall I be pregnant? How do I know about it? Please help me.

  4. hi
    i had sex with my husband n found that my hysband z condom was i dont want to hv baby now. wt pill shoud i take within 72 hours. only 22 hours hv already gone.i am 27 yrs old and i v no kid.plz hlp urgently. thanx

  5. i had intercourse with my gf without any protection on 22nd aug, and she took an unwanted-72 on 23rd aug and again on the same day we had intrcourse without protecion and she again took an unwnted-72 on 24th aug but i am still worrying about getting pregnent. is we safe or what? plz replay me soon.

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  7. I started taking the pill 2 weeks ago… on the 2nd day of my period – on the 14th day of my cycle i had sex with my boyfriend (we used a condom and it didn’t break)– do i still have to worry about the “danger time”? do i have any chance of becoming pregnant?

  8. Hi,

    I had intercourced with my GF before one week(3 Apr 2010) and after that on 4 apr she had take I-pill and on same day after taking i-pill we had intercource latter. Then after that she had never taken anybthing.

    Kindly suggest is there possiblity of getting pregnent.

    And is it so then your suggestion required to avoid pregnancy.


  9. i had sex wid my gf on the night of 7th may dat is early mornin of 8th may still i’ve not given her any pills (its early morning of 9th may 4:00am i m writing this)if i wanna give her something please suggest me wat should i give and till what time can i give…….please urgent

  10. I had sex with my girlfriend on 23rd April but i was shocked when i found the condom broken. She took unwanted 72 Emergency contraceptive pill tablet after one hour of the intercourse the tablet she took consisted of (1.5mg) levonorgestrel so she didnt take again after one hour her period start 1st day of every month but her vagina started bleeding on 29th and 30th April only for two days. Is there any chances of pregnancy. I am worried about it please help me to avoid pregnancy. Please please help me

  11. Hi

    I am jimmy and I had intercourse with my GF 2 months back
    though she took the pill the next day evening but I am worried bcoz she hadn’t got her periods as yet.

    please suggest ASAP. Can v get some pregnancy pill to
    avoid this.

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