There are a lot of questions that the parents of teenage girls could ask regarding irregular periods in teenagers.

It is possible for a girl to have her period once in two months or to have it twice a month. It is also possible for her period to last for 2 days or for 10 days.

Teenager’s irregular periods are just normal

Remember that in some cases women could have irregular periods their entire life. Nonetheless the majority of women get regular periods after a while. It is also important to know that the 28 day cycle that you read about is only an average and it isn’t a rule.

irregular-periods-in-teenagersWhen it comes to the irregular periods of teenagers it is important to remember that their body is still influenced by growth and development.

This is why it is possible for the cycle to be started or stopped by the different developmental changes. Also during this period the hormone levels are still fluctuating.


Those interested in irregular periods in teenagers need to know that the amount of blood passed is influenced by the amount of hormones that the body of the girl produces.

Since these levels are fluctuating it is just normal for the length of the period and the amount of blood passed to vary from one period to the other.

Signs and symptoms

In case of the teenager’s irregular periods, it may be a good idea to teach the girl in question about the signs and symptoms of her period.

This way she will know in advance when it comes. If she has irregular periods it is best to have a pad with her at all times to be prepared if her period comes.

It could be a good idea regarding irregular periods in teenagers to have the girl mark her periods on a calendar. She should mark the beginning and the end. This is important because if it becomes a medical problem, she will be able to offer more information to her doctor.

Longer periods of time

If a girl has irregular periods in her teenage years she should know that it is normal to have shorter or longer periods during this time. Nonetheless if she doesn’t have a period for longer periods of time it is important for her to see a doctor. If she is affected by amenorrhea, her doctor should know about it.

In case of irregular periods in teenagers, this means that a girl doesn’t have her period for three months or more. There are several possible causes of the problem, such as premature ovarian failure. This is a kind of condition that fully develops during the 40s of women.

Outside influences

The teenage year’s irregular periods could be influenced by external factors as well. These include medications, over-exercise, weight gain or weight loss, drug use and increased stress.

Irregular periods in teenagers are part of the most important issues you should discuss with your daughter to make sure that she receives all the information she needs during her teenage years.