In case you are interested in information on abortion facts you should know that there are about 1.2 million abortion procedures performed in the U.S. on a yearly basis. Basically speaking, there are two kinds of abortion: medical and surgical. The method used depends on the gestational age.

Information on Abortion Facts

Dilation and Aspiration and Information and Facts about Abortion

During this procedure the doctor uses dilators to dilate the cervix. Then a plastic tube is inserted into the vagina. At the end of the tube there is a cannula. This is used to scrape the pregnancy tissue while gentle suction is used to clear out the tissue. The procedure itself lasts for about 10 minutes.


If you are searching for the truth about abortion you should know that since this is a medical procedure, there are some risks. These include bleeding, incomplete abortion and infection. On the long run the procedure can lead to infertility, uterine scarring and difficulties with getting pregnant.

Dilation and Evacuation

When it comes to the information on abortion facts, you should know that this procedure is used during the later stages of pregnancy. Laminaria is used to dilate the cervix. The doctor uses a forceps to remove the placenta and the fetus. Then suction is used to make sure that all the pregnancy tissue is cleared out.


It is good to know about the abortion facts and information that there is always the chance of complications. In this case the possible complications include infection, heavy bleeding, incomplete abortion, damage to the uterus, cervical tears or continued pregnancy.

Abortion Pill

The women looking for the information on abortion facts should also consider the abortion pill. In this case, women have to take two pills. They will take the first one in the office of their doctor. This will block the progesterone production. The second one is taken at home and this will make the uterus contract.

Side Effects

Again, the abortion truth involves the possible side effects. These include anxiety attacks, flashbacks, depression, grief, withdrawal from relationships and nightmares. As you can see, the majority of the side effects are emotional ones so you may need some help to get past them.

Abortion isn’t an easy thing to pull through and the information on abortion facts can only scare women. Don’t forget that sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do and you should never doubt your decision.