Most couples wanted to have babies. However, because of some factors involved such as infertility, impotency, hormonal imbalance and others, some couples have difficulty conceiving.

Over the years, doctors and scientists have developed different means of conceiving, in vitro fertiliation or IVF among others. What is IVF? How is this done? Is this safe? These are just some of the questions couples are confronted with.

For anybody who wants to go through this way of conceiving, it is primordial to learn more about IVF and how can it be a method of having a baby. Here are some facts that will help one understand what is IVF all about.

Basic facts you should know about ivf

1. It was in the United States when IVF was finally conceived in 1981. This medical technique has given hope to millions of couples who wanted to have babies of their own but because of natural circumstances, are unable to do so. However, the first successful procedure was made in England.

2. Have you ever heard of a test tube baby? He or she is a product of IVF, commonly referred to as in vitro fertilization. This procedure involves surgically extracting an egg cell from the woman’s womb and mixed with sperm in a laboratory dish.

After forty hours, doctors will then check if they have become fertilized. Once fertilized, they are placed in the woman’s uterus. These eggs are called embryos. Quite amazingly, IVF used to be an out of this world scientific breakthrough is now an accepted method widely practised.

3. About 5% of couples that are incapable of child bearing have resorted to in vitro fertilization. One can say that what is aphrodisiac to lovers is like what is IVF to infertile couples.

4. IVF is also used as a technique of child bearing for males with low sperm counts.

5. This method is used when all other options are not feasible. It may involve several tries until it becomes successful. IVF for a first-timer might even be nerve-wracking because of the many different types a couple has to undergo. Nevertheless, the end result of IVF may bring to a couple is very rewarding.

6. Conceiving through in vitro fertilization is safe and only a minimal percentage of side effects have been recorded. It may be costly but if this is the only chance for a couple to have a baby, price wouldn’t matter. There are a lot of fertility clinics offering such method but it is always best to ask your obstetrician about this procedure.

In an era where all questions have answers and all problems have solutions, childless couples have found hope through in vitro fertilization. IVF as a medical discovery is proof to this.

Although around 65% of the recorded procedures has been successful, it is not a guarantee that babies conceived through this method will grow healthy. But then again, it is always worth a try. After all, life is a gamble.


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