There are many couples around the world who are using homeopathy to treat their infertility issues as it is completely natural and also offer effective results. Homeopathy treatment is also more affordable than conventional treatment methods.

It has been estimated that more 15 – 20% couples around the world face problems while conceiving and one of the most common reason behind this is hormonal imbalance in one or both the partners. Homeopathy infertility treatment is available for both men and women and the medications are prescribed diagnosing the root problem.

Here are the specific ways how homeopathy is used to treat infertility in most of the cases.

treating infertility with homeopathy

Fertility Diet

A healthy and balanced diet can keep you away from a host of health troubles, even fertility issues! A homeopathic practitioner would first suggest you to improve your diet. You should consume less caffeine and also need to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Your diet should primarily consist of organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Include only lean red meat in your diet along with fresh fish (for essential fatty acids and omega-3) or chicken. Refined sugars should be avoided. Drink  lot of water along with the other medications the practitioner prescribes.

Fertility Vitamins

Vitamins have a great role to play when it comes to functioning of different systems of the body including the reproductive system. Homeopathy treatment follows the right usage of vitamins and can replenish the need in your body that is restricting you to conceive. Folic acid is good for women before and during pregnancy, and you would be asked to take folic acid supplements 3 – 4 months prior to conceiving. Zinc helps to maintain testosterone levels in men, thus zinc supplements shall be prescribed as well. There are many other vitamins that help in maintaining fertility.

Fertility Herbs

Various herbs can help maintain hormonal balance in men and women like Stinging Nettle, Red Clover, Red raspberry etc. Infertility homeopathic herbal supplements help to reduce stress and prevent toxic overload. They are natural and do not harm your body, therefore it is best to give this a try before opting for invasive medical treatment.

Fertility Supplement Blend

There are few homeopathic fertility supplement blends available in the market combining the goodness of fertility herbs and vitamins. Fertibella is one such supplement that combines the goodness of many natural products into a single formula that helps your fertility at various levels like maintaining your hormonal balance, strengthening the luteal phase etc. However, homeopathic treatment for infertility is completely individualistic and to get a healthy reproductive system, or handle any specific infertility issue, you will have to consult a practitioner and not buy any medicine just over the counter.

Common Homeopathic Remedies

Some of the commonly used homeopathic remedies used to treat infertility are:

  • Sepia: This is used to treat absent or irregular ovulation and when sex drive is low in men
  • Sabina: This is recommended for women who have experienced repeated miscarriages
  • Aurum: This is prescribed when infertility is due to depression or low sex drive
  • Phosphorus: This is prescribed for women with infertility due to stress and anxiety
  • Silica: This boosts the immune system in women and increase the chances of getting pregnant
  • Medorrhinum: This can treat impotence in men

All these should be done under the proper guidance of a homeopathy doctor as infertility can be due to both mental and physical problems and before treating it a lot of factors are taken into consideration like genes, family medical history, personality, body types and too many other things.