Are you unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy after having one child? This is very common (up to 3.3 million women experience it) and is known as secondary infertility.

Most common causes for secondary infertility include: ovulation problems, pelvic adhesions, polyps,  uterine fibroids endometriosis [endometriosis symptoms].

How to prevent secondary infertility?

  • Keep an eye on your weight. Most women will gain weight after delivering a baby. Excess weight gain is the most common problem for women to conceive again.secondary infertility
  • Get infections to be treated as early as possible to prevent secondary infertility. Most of the time, vaginal infection can cause infertility.
  • Don’t wait longer than 2-3 years to conceive again after the initial pregnancy. Age is the most common cause for infertility problems. Waiting too longer to conceive again causes problems in conceiving naturally.
  • Usually, women with children have high stress levels. Avoiding stress, a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity and relaxation are the most important solutions for preventing secondary infertility.

Finally, secondary infertility causes stress, frustration, sadness, and loss for most couples. If you or your partner is facing this condition, it is essential to learn all you can through some reputable organizations, resources and attain the support you need for making the best decisions for you and your family.