Infertility is not an uncommon or rare problem that people face and all those who experience troubles with their fertility feel very high levels of stress. But thanks to modern day technology and medical methods, enough help is available for you to treat your infertility.

While support from friends and family is invaluable, getting professional counselling is also a great way to manage your emotional stress and help you in the decision making process.

Counselling for infertility is even more important in the case when you are thinking of a treatment which will engage a spermdonor, egg donor or embryo donor. The following given information about counseling for infertility will surely prove to be of great use:

counselling for infertilityHow can Counselling Help?

A lot of people avoid taking any kind of professional counselling from a social worker or a psychologist because of their embarrassment but there are many benefits of taking such sessions. Counselling can help you in the following ways:

  • Counselling helps you to know about the various types of treatments available for your particular case. Each case is different and your counsellor will be able to tell you that what possible ways there are for you to choose from.
  • It helps you to make difficult decisions on the path that you have chosen for having babies or getting treated. There are many challenging decisions that will come on the way and you might not be able to take the decisions on your own. For this purpose, you will need the help of an expert or professional.
  • A counsellor can solve all your doubts and answer any medical or other questions that you may have on mind. You can ask any questions without any hesitation as your information will be totally confidential with the counselor.
  • Counselling helps by enabling you to deal with the stress and cope with the condition. The sessions may help you to reduce the tensions and lead your life the normal way.
  • Counselling can also help those females who have not been able to conceive or lost on their pregnancy.
  • Counselling helps you to pick the best option to start a family or have babies and may suggest you ideas like using sperm or egg donors, adoption or the option of a surrogate mother.

Questions to Ask While Choosing a Counsellor:

Choosing a counsellor is an important step towards getting the best professional counselling. Thus it is important to work with only the best counsellor. The following are some of the questions that you can ask while choosing a counsellor for infertility:

  • Ask whether the counsellor is registered, /licensed and is a member of the regulated group in that area/province or territory.
  • Ask whether the counsellor has all the knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications to help with the issue of infertility and to suggest further ways to cope with it.
  • Ask what the cost of the counselling will be and how many sessions would it take.
  • Ask whether the counselling is covered by employee benefits or a private insurance plan?